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Here is a short changelog of the new 2.5 release, both Single and Multiplayer received changes and a lot of things were reworked for both. Enjoy!

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Rome at War 2.5 Changelog
# Multiplayer
New Faction:
- Rasenna (Etruscans)
Animation/mechanics Changes:
- New run and idle animations
- Added some taunt animations
- New shield animation
- Tweaked attack animations
- All factions equipments revised
- All item stats and prices revised

# Singleplayer
New Faction:
- Rasenna (Etruscans)
Troop changes:
- Almost all of the mod's troops received new equipment and some tweaks
- Dozens of new units
- New town walkers (Repressed medieval peasants removed)
- Slightly randomized equipment on start
- Fixed some AoR troops not showing up
- Dozens of small fixes and tweaks
- Almost all medieval scenes removed in favor of generic scenes.
- Revised army and recruitment compositions
- Some units can be upgraded via barracks in a town/castle of your faction
- Some bugs removed
- New items for all factions
- New bugs and glitches for you to find

Guest - - 692,197 comments

is this mod still getting updated or?

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rgcotl - - 471 comments

we still working on it sometimes, but progress really slow

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Guest - - 692,197 comments

How much memory does this mod take up?

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Guest - - 692,197 comments

How do i get the new celtic armours? my mod doesnt seem to update on nothing, is there a patch or dlc?

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Tallestdavid - - 975 comments

hope you guys are still working. only good mod of rome here! also be so cool when bannerlord comes out in 3056 that you guys make a sequel!

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