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Development Update #4 - Graphics overhaul/mesh revamp.

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Hello everyone !

Welcome to the development update #4. Before we start we would like to say a few words about our new social media accounts.

Since the end of September we are also on Instagram. You can find there high-quality renders of new/revamped models (more info is below in the article) from the game every other day. So, check it out if you want to see what we are currently doing without any delays:

All posts from Instagram are also published on our Facebook and Mastodon in form of compilations (usually consisting of 3 renders).


( - Gamedev Mastodon

Now, to the update itself. In this one we are not going to to talk about technical things we did in the past 2 months, because it won´t be very entertaining (save fixing, inventory/map saving, code tweaking, etc.) We will continue with previous unfinished inventory update in the next article. Instead, today we will focus on graphics aspects.

Firstly a minor thing. Since the beginning we were not satisfied with the default UE font and planned to replace it later with a free one. That moment came at the end of August. Since we found the font market a bit shady - who knows if the offered font is truly free or not, we opted to take a pause from the game development and make our own, worry-free font. It was an interesting experience, since we haven´t done custom font before. In the process we changed the logo a bit as well.

Fa8FyZTXkAA5Xyl 1

Now the main stuff. The models we have been using so far weren´t exactly very detailed. We used to rely mostly on the internal UE material instance combined with quickly generated UV maps. As a temporary solution it worked fine but a proper game needs to have more details and better textures. That´s why we decided to scrap all the materials and start from scratch using ArmorPaint. Some models need slight edits, but the overall look of finished models is much beter now. The models also looks exactly the same in the UE, which gives us more ideas about how the game asthetics will look. Here are some renders of the revamped/brand new objects (more can be found on our Instagram page/twitter/facebook compilations) - yes, we have started working on flowers/grass too :







That's all for now, but stay tuned for future updates !

The Jumping Plasticine Team

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