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Hey guys! I am HansNilhall, team leader of our OpenRA Chinese Localization Team. We can finally announce that the Chinese localized version of OpenRA Red Alert is now released!

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Hey guys!

I am HansNilhall, team leader of our OpenRA Chinese Localization Team.

We can finally announce that the Chinese localized version of OpenRA Red Alert is now released!

We would like to name each of our mod with the title OpenRA, then the mod name like RA or TD or SP, ending by ‘Simplified Chinese’. So it’s called OpenRA-RASC, Red Alert Simplified Chinese.

The first patch of RASC is Release20191219 based on official OpenRA-Release20191117 and no game data such as units’ attack or tech-tree is changed.

We are now looking forward to doing other things like TDSC, maybe even D2KSC. Well, we can do nothing before the next SP patch released. Of course, the translation about RV is also in our to do list. We will localize this amazing mod at once after it released.

Now I should and would like to tell you guys what we have done or change in our release.

  • We have brought Mod Content System back. By changing the download sever and mirror from EU to China, players in China can now easily download game contents without experiencing connection problems. And with Mod Content System, we can make our installer or zip file tiny again.


  • We have changed the UI in the Setting option. That’s because it’s not so friendly to read after those pages translated. We have tried our best to keep the words or sentences short and easy to understand, but seems it’s still too much for that message box. So we rearranged some Setting pages.



  • The last and the biggest change we have done is adding some extra maps into the game. All these maps are from Resource Center. There are 4 campaign maps and about 10 multiplayer or skirmish maps.
  • We all announced the mapmaker’ name of each campaign map in their briefing.

What we would like to do next are those ones.

  • As I mentioned before, we are going to translate other OpenRA mods, both official and third-party. There are some players who really want to play TD or D2K on our localized OpenRA. And many players really enjoy Shattered Paradise and can’t wait for the new patch. So we have to meet their need I think.
  • And the second is we are trying to put all Simplified Chinese mods we made into one series called OpenRA Simplified Chinese and then publish it on We do can release these mods or download links on my Bilibili channel, or on Castle, our main programmer’s Gitee, a Chinese Github-like website, but we believe it may be better if we could release our mods on moddb because many Chinese CNC players do know about moddb.
  • The third one is the biggest and hardest one. We are still trying to find out a better way to translate the game. I hope our team could finally work it out, though it might take a long long to overcome.
  • By the way, we are also thinking about holding a match or even league in China, just like RAGL, if we have enough players. We are looking forward to cooperating with other Chinese CNC community, for example TS community or Command and Conquer BBS in China.

That’s all I think and I can tell. But there are some ingame pictures.


Thank you all for caring, supporting and giving advice to our project!

And what’s more,

  • Special thanks to all OpenRA developers for making such a great game!
  • Special thanks to FiveAces, ZxGanon and JackDerp.
    Thank you guys for giving me the permission to upload your OpenRA videos to the Chinese video website Bilibili. We do have new players or people interested in OpenRA via watching you guys’ videos.
  • Special thanks to these two mapmakers.
    Narcoleptic, creator of Blackout, Disarry, Huntingtrip.
    Umalr Azfar, creator of Normandy. Thank you for making these amazing campaigns!
  • Special thanks to these makers of multiplayer map.
    Ga3L, kazu., sith_wampa, Sol, trump and Zjordy.
    Thank you guys for your great maps!

And thank you everyone here!

This might be a tiny step for OpenRA, but a great leap for the Chinese OpenRA community.

Thank you!

And cheers!


OpenRA Chinese Localization Team

Shanghai, China


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