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We now have a random generator for the loadouts on several planes :)

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A small bit of news, I now have random ordnance generators on several of the planes. Using the P-51 Mustang as an example, it can have a loadout of 2 500lb bombs, 4 250lb bombs, or 8 HVAR rockets. When the plane spawns on a map, the game will generate one of those loadouts for the plane, and it will spawn with it. The next time it spawns, it will randomly determine the loadout again. So each time it spawns on a map, it could possibly have any one of those 3 loadouts.

This keeps me from having to make 3-4 different versions of a plane (smaller mod files, quicker load times, etc), and the mapper from having to know what the difference is between each variant. Just place the "P51D" on a map, and let the game figure out the rest :)


Good job buddy jdoylesapp, i just want to create a news about it.

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