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We're revealing our Square Enix Collective trailer today. We also launch a Kickstarter event, RSVP if you want to support us.

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During these last couple of months, we've been at it all day and night. All together so we can make Raji a better game than what it was yesterday. We proudly present you our Square Enix Collective trailer today.

This is a major milestone for the project, we'd like you to cast your vote on the following link. If you want to support the Kickstarter campaign please follow our Facebook page and RSVP to our launch event.

Get it sharing with your friends and family, we are literally 30 days from launching on Kickstarter. We will highly appreciate if you leave feedback on the page, so we can continue working towards a better game.

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Here's couple of GIFs from the environment of our demo level. We've been constantly working towards improving the look and feel of the game, feel free to leave a comment on what you think of the current environment showcase.

Durga Temple

Mandala Ent

Environment 05

Environment 01


We just got done with our 2nd internal play test and are iterating our game play mechanics. Below are couple of GIFs, you might have seen the last combat video reveal. We will be revealing one more combat video, with different enemies that we've been working on during the past few weeks.

Right below is our core gameplay feature, Favor of the gods.

The Feature allows for the player to pick their god and customize various abilities within their weapons. Each god grants you an element, and players will have the choice of fire, ice, lightning, earth and rage to empower your weapons and abilities. This feature allows you to handcraft a form of game-play that suits your own play-style.



Power Attack

Concept Art

We've provided a one liner description to all the concept art that we're sharing here. You can head to our Square Enix Collective page to find more.

Meet Rangda, once blessed by Goddess Durga, she now lives in exile. Old she might be, her power exceeds the unknown... be it demon or human. None return once they set foot in her territory.

Below are explorations and final render of this fearful one.

Character 01

Character 02

Features 03

1000 Steps. That's what we are calling this concept art piece, which will serve the purpose of a environment puzzle.

Concept 03

Do not forget to vote for us on the following link.

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