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Just in time for the new year, here's the next "Supply Drop" update, with three new guns and an updated snake camera!

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January 2019: Update for Rainbow Six: 3

Great new gear for singleplayer and multiplayer!

The new year's Supply Drop game update is here, with three new guns and an updated and revised Snake Camera. Each gun includes awesome 3D iron sights, as well as a selection of camoflague skins.

New Guns:

  • MK 18 Mod 1 - A compact modification of the M4A1, with laser sight
  • MP7A1 - A versatile PDW, usable as a primary or secondary weapon
  • RK 95 TP - The Finnish assault rifle, chambered in 7.62 Soviet for stopping power


  • Snake Camera - No longer just for under doors, you can now use the snake camera around corners too! Try holding the "run" key while looking at a corner wall to look around it!

Download Link for Singleplayer:

  • Requires OpenRVS v1.1+ patch!

Supply Drops Singleplayer: January 2019 edition

Download Links for Multiplayer:

  • MK 18 Mod 1:

MK18 assault rifle + laser for multiplayer servers

  • MP7A1:

MP7A1 smg for multiplayer servers

  • RK 95 TP:

RK 95 assault rifle for multiplayer servers

  • Snake Camera REISSUE:

Snake Camera v3

  • ALL Supply Drop weapons for Multiplayer in a single pack:

All weapons in one pack (Jan 2019) - for multiplayer servers



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Nice work all Fine as a mod or an addon. Thx

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THE single, most important current modification for the greatest tactical shooter of all times, Rainbow6 3 Raven Shield.

Here you'll find what has become the largest custom arsenal ever created for the game, with new hi-res models for all kinds of weapons, subguns, ARs, shotguns, LMGs, Sniper Rifles...

Also, a very long list of OPTICS which will make you feel you're playing a modern shooter, covering all ranges and some with very interesting features, night vision, thermal... and what's best: compatible with vanilla arsenal too!

Last, but not least, you'll see VERY interesting gadgets. Incendiary grenades, a SNAKE CAM giving you ability to scan a room [or a corner!] visually prior to storming it!

Everything was carefully crafted to maintain a very high quality standard so u'll never want to use vanilla arsenal anymore.

Compatible with all the great mods out there too, including RvS 2.0.


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