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Homeworld Past and Future v0.6x was only compatible with the game before the Raiders Retreat Update, the game is most likely to crash right with the last update, I'm in the process of checking any necessary changes, and adding the last features that I have worked on.

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The Raiders Retreat update adds a few additional features to the game and its most likely to conflict with the mod right now.

The next mod update (0.7) its most likely to be finished at the end of this week, and will add a few features and bug fixes over the old version, some of the features are:

-Homeworld 1 and Homeworld 2 Deathmatch Gamemode now work correctly and balance the game matching the game they belong, ex. HW1 Deathmatch is using its resective Hw1 balance with no upgrades for all its races including HW2 ones.

-The Homeworld Remastered Deathmatch balance selection now affects HW2 races, enabling or disabling their updates and even changing their stats to match Classic HW1 stats and gamestyle if requested.

-Experimental ships and upgrades balance enabled.

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