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Here's an update on my mod for the epic game, Kingpin: Life of Crime.

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The guy that was hired on to implement the features into the game via the SDK will not be able to assist my on this venture. He will not have the time to take on such a task. But he will be helping me to get the job done myself. So I have been working with the Kingpin SDK to get the features that I wanted to add to this game. And things are looking up. The following features are done:

Doubled the damage done by all weapons to make them even more realistic.
The maximum ammo that you can hold in your inventory for each weapon has been doubled.
Ammo pickups for the pistol have been increased from 20 to 26.
The clip size for the pistol has been increased from 10 to 13 rounds.
The maximum health has been increased from 100 to 200.
Weapon mods never break or wear out.
Weapon mods now cost 10 times more then they did before.
The Heavy Machinegun without the cooling mod fires like the Heavy Machinegun with the cooling mod originally did, and the Heavy Machinegun with the cooling mod has almost no break in between it's 3 round bursts. EPIC!
The Tommy Gun's recoil has been halved.

I'm trying to implement several more features and will update when they are done. As for the texture pack, I've gone back and made sure that all of the eyes on the face textures are more visible and not so darkened. As far as that part of this mod goes, it's complete.


Cool, looking forward to giving Kingpin another spin with this mod! since you're editing the Pawn Shop, can you change it so we can buy EVERY weapon at every shop? I always thought the ability to buy only certain weapons was kinda useless since guns were easy to find and by the time you found shops that sold them you already had the gun. Hoarding cash might make more sense if I could afford a HMG in the docks (maybe make them more expensive to compensate) Most of the time I had well over $1000 with nothing to spend it on.

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That is a great idea! I'll do that ASAP. And I'll increase their cost aswell. Maybe 5 times more? How does that sound? Please respond on the summary page for this mod. It's easier for me to keep up with comments there. Thanks for the suggestion. By the way. I love your Eduke32 work. If I can ever find it, I ported WW2GI over to Eduke 2.0 back in the day but never released it. If I can find the disc I saved it on I'm gonna see if I can port it over to Eduke 32.

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