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An update on things and some news.

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It's been almost 1 year since Team Fortress 2 Vintage climbed out of the trash of hacked together code of the public git repo we dug up and it's been a heck of a ride even without a major spotlight centered on us. We've been featured TWICE on moddb's front page and twitter. Seen servers come and go, the disastrous release of the original V3RC1 (That I myself tried to cobble together). The arrival of Bachingo, the man who now fixes our code and tears out things left over that doesn't work. V3 was launched finally and with it Payload now works almost 100% (Cart still assimilates). We've beaten what one could call the parent mod of Vintage to a major update.

We've done a lot of things, from the people who have offered help, hosted servers, bothered with our mod. Even just making things like images or content I've gotta thank everyone whose helped us survive this long.

Now then, hopefully we can shift gears, with this song as our backdrop. I'm happy to announce, that for good or bad we have another content update coming. Nothing related to MvM mind you, I just thought this would be a good song to build tension. But this update will be even bigger than v3 from what I've been shown.

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