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We'll be looking at a new "live art" demo that showcases Fara (and Flux) and talk about some other things that we've been up to here at Binary Sonata.

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In this entry in the on-going developmental saga of Radiant Escape, we are finally revealing our textured version of Fara and talking about some Summer fun.


Before we get into anything else, it only makes sense for us to reveal Fara, as you'll be seeing other pictures with her later on in this post. So without further delay, here she is:

Click the image to view our "live art" Unity demo:

And here's a picture for those of you that don't have access to install Unity (or just choose not to):

I believe that Sue (character artist) did a great job with her, and it's nice to finally have our star fully textured.


I doubt that you had any thought that we would include enterable water in a game that stars robots, but it's okay; they are both water-proof.

Below, we have a concept of some pools of water that will slow Fara down and need to be drained to allow escape from them (the diving part is just a bit of fun we were having).

This side-view image shows how you would use Flux to hit the first switch, or fall into the water and use the second switch the drain the water instead. (Yes, I used Paint. I find that it is good for quick concepts!)

Here is the article image with Fara resting her arm on a beachball and enjoying a popsicle (yeah, it doesn't make sense to me, either).


Music & Sound

We lost our musician, but have gained another in his place. We welcome Stephen to the team, as he will be working on the music track(s) for the IGF demo we have in store.

Also, we have gained another new member, Joel, who is assisting us with sound management and foley. While it wasn't originally something I had considered to be a great necessity, I am now starting to see just how important it is and he is coming up with some really neat ideas that I think will further immerse players in the world of Radiant Escape.


We have reached our first month's milestone and while we didn't hit all the bullet-points, we came rather close and are well on our way towards our goal. We were able to get Fara textured and "rigged", our movement system is totally figured out, and although our art is still being refined, it is almost ready for level creation.

IGF entries are now being accepted, and it's an exciting time to be a part of the event this year as the prizes are even higher. I personally would like to use our entry into IGF to expose gamers who may not have heard of our game to it, but money is always appreciated :)


Our next goal involves level creation and Fara's inevitable animation (along with placing a camera on her instead of the placeholder we are using now), which should be ready by the end of this month. If we don't have any concrete updates before then, we'll see you at that time or near it!

Still not tracking us?

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Kerubim - - 96 comments

model is fine, but I think the expression on her face should be more robotics like

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swiftseraph Author
swiftseraph - - 43 comments

Do you have an example of an appropriate expression? I am all about listening to suggestions. I mean, I can morph the expression, sure.. I just thought the expression better fits the fact that she was made to be a humanoid working with other humans and therefore would have a more presentable/personable face.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Greenagainn! - - 66 comments

One of the problem with giving robots human expression is that it can push them closer to the uncanny valley.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Kerubim - - 96 comments

and, by the way, I think she will look better, if you make her taller and slimmer

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Kerubim - - 96 comments

hm, maybe like Sonny in the film "I, Robot".
I think you just have to correct the proportions of her face, because now she looks like a 12 years old girl, or some of anime characters.

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