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We're releasing a half update to get feedback about our controls and gameplay before we release a demo with full art. Test it, feed us back!

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This news update is mostly about controls; we are seeking feedback from individuals such as yourself to tell us what you think.

Prototype 3.5

This prototype is similar to the other ones, except for the addition of wall-running and wall-jumping (with a Super Metroid-esque hold system) and some animations. I've also spent some time working on trying to find a good "happy medium" between too slippery and walking on molasses, and hopefully you'll agree that the changes I've made are for the better (if you've played the previous builds). You may notice some quirks, and that's cool. We're likely aware of them if they have to deal with animation, but if it's a gameplay thing, please let us know. It's very short, but it hopefully will serve its purpose.

This game will go nowhere if it isn't for the feedback of the masses, so here we are, offering an early build of what we've been working on for the past month or so. Please reference what "section" you had troubles with if it was a specific part of the level (there is text that numbers the areas) and be detailed if you can. Also, if leaving feedback for the game, let us know what your fastest time was (on the second playthrough) if you tried to "speed run" the level. If you just want to tell us how much you think our game sucks, well, that's not very nice (or helpful!). :)

Controls: WASD to move, Mouse to look, Space to Jump, Space again to Double-jump. Space (tap to activate) allows you to wall-run once you jump against one. Jump at a wall and hold shift to 'Hold' (it will turn you around and allow you to pick where you want to jump).
Goal: Get to the highest-most platform.

Click the image to play our latest Prototype:


We have been working hard lately on getting the animation set up in first person. It has proven to be quite difficult and it still has a ways to go before it is what we consider to be 'perfect', but we still have time to work on it before our final release.

Art in progress

What we have been working on besides the biped and character control system is finishing up our modular level pieces for 'The Course'. We've been working on these for awhile, but it takes a lot to get everything ready to be baked with lightmaps and have the collision set up and everything. The following are some art WIP shots before baking lightmaps:


Music & Sound

Our track that will play in our beta is almost ready to put in game. We also have a lot of sound effects in the works. These both should really add to the atmosphere and overall feel of the game. Updates on both will come shortly.


As we further our development, we are coming to more and more questions that we ask ourselves: Is this good enough? Who will play our game?

Our design document is currently locked down, but we are willing to take into consideration suggestions for the final game. Please share your thoughts will us. This isn't just my game or my team's game, this is the game that you can help mold. Thanks for taking the time to read my developmental updates.

Still not tracking us?

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my best time is 17 seconds :D
I really like it!!

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swiftseraph Author

Just got 16.8, skipped the first checkpoint. Let me know if you also found that shortcut?

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I'll try it...soon.
Looking good!
I like these kind of games...

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wow really looks good so far!

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