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This week we explore the design of the hallways for the first area in the game, nicknamed "The Course".

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This week is all about the starting area in the game "The Course". We'll take a look at some concepts for the development of the hallways and talk a bit about plans regarding the music for the game.


The first batch is some initial concepts of the hallway design. Radiant Escape is being designed with modular props in order to speed up level production and hopefully (planned feature) offer the chance for players to create their own levels down the road. It's a process we've been utilizing since the beginning and is how a lot of games create their maps, so it only seems fitting that we utilize this technique as well.

The second batch is a refined version, almost ready to be put in-game. Lightmaps are yet to be baked, but the normal maps are already implemented. Click any picture to view a larger version.

Batch One

Batch Two


We have found musicians (two really, they might BOTH help us out) that expressed interest in producing some tracks for the project. We already have our main menu theme (one that can only be heard on the Nitro Game Injection Podcast here during the Stemage interview) done by Grant Henry, and some sample tracks from the original game concept, but we are planning to do several new tracks, and are shooting to have a new track play every 5 levels or so.


Speaking of music, you may or may not recall me talking last week about syncing music to gameplay and all that nonsense. Well, it works. It may not be as apparent in the demo I'm about to show you, but what we will do in the final setup in the game is split the "beat" track off from the main track and set the "music recognition" scripting to pick up on that track only. This can be used for anything from setting objects to pulse to making the environment ripple. We'll likely just make objects pulse with it, however.

Here's the demo (click image):


Well, that's it for this weekly update. We'll see you next week!

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very cool. this is shaping up to be a very good indie and if i might say as good as a AAA game.

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Wow, very cool pictures, tracking. ;]

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