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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Science Mod 1.9 Beta Released!

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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
Science Mod 1.9 Beta

After a year in development,

Science Mod 1.9 Beta is Released!

Update Introduction(Based On 1.89 Beta):

Download Link:

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Discord(Permanent Invite):

All new content:

=====Science Mode:

The upgraded version of Random Crates Mode provides players with more different kinds of Crates.

Science Crates will randomly generate a weapon or unit.

====New Faction:

===Future Tech (aka FT)

====New Units:

===Future Tech:
Battleax Drone, Zone Enforcer, Zone Defender, Zone Engineer, Saboteur, Sniper Drone, Zone Lancer, Cryo Legionnaire MKII,
Yuriko Matsui(Commando), Devilman Warrior(Commando), Devilman Mecha(Commando),
Chrono Miner, Spanner, Marauder, Slingshot, Predator Tank, Cryo Tank,
Beam Cannon, Mammoth Tank MKII, Pacifier FAV-X, Titan MKII, Future Tank EX-1,
Hayes Cruisers, Stewart Sub, Gideon Battleship, Troy Fortress,
Banshee, Carryall, Samson Airship, Harbinger Gunship MKII, Arcus(Epic Unit),
MCV, Imperator Executioner(Epic Unit)

Rocketeer, Prism Knight, Cryo Legionnaire, Chrono Legionnaire(Commando),
APC, Titan, Mammoth Tank, Pacifier FAV, Future Tank X-1, Chrono Tank,
Achilles Fighter, Harbinger Gunship, Baslisk(Epic Unit)

Robotics Lab Core, Healing Station Core, Psychic Inhibitor Core, Wave-Force Tricannon Core, Giga-Fortress Core,
Archer Maiden, Izumi Omega(Commando), Thunder-VX, Steel Ronin, Super King Oni, Mastodon, Redeemer,
Giga-Fortress, Ox Transport, Mantis Helicopter, Thunderhead, Leviathan(Epic Unit)

Mortar Cycle, Chief Scientist, Desolator Trooper, Ursa Major, Devastator(Commando),
Reaper, Toxin Chariot, Flame Tank, Grinder, Katyusha, Tesla Tank, War Mammoth,
Vertigo, Firehawk, Original Kodiak, Kodiak(Epic Unit)

====New Structures:

===Future Tech:
Construction Yard, Cooling Tower, Elevator, Ore Refinery, Arsenal, Seaport, Airbase,
Super Cooling Tower, R&D Labs, Harmonizer Control, Engine Room, Fort Wall,
Laser Array, Sonic Array, Teleport Array, Crystal Shield Array, Ballistics Center,
Force Field Generator(Superweapon), Space Based Device(Ultimate Weapon)

Aeronautics Complex, Medical Bay, Gap Generator, Brighton Coastal Guns

Robotics Lab, Healing Station, Psychic Inhibitor, Wave-Force Tricannon

Ordnance Factory, Telescreen, Tunnel, Tesla Amplifier, Ukraine Artillery

====Top-Secret Protocols:

===Future Tech:
Left: Battle Hardening -> Shrink Zone -> Shrink Impact -> Shrink Critical -> As Time Stood Still
Middle: Satellite Scan -> Pinpoint Bombing -> Gemini bombing -> Triangle bombing -> Future Transactions
Right: Field Repairs -> Mine Deployment -> Mine Raid -> Mine Blowout -> Chrono Raid

Left: Advanced Aeronautics -> Surgical Strike -> Time Bomb -> Deluxe Time Bomb -> Supreme Time Bomb
Middle: High Technology -> Paratroop Team -> Paratroop Squad -> Paratroop Platoon -> Free Trade
Right: Surveillance Sweep -> Chrono Swap -> Cryoshot -> Cryoblast -> Cryogeddon

Left: Honorable Discharge -> Sleeper Ambush -> Balloon Bombs -> Balloon Bomb Blowout -> Balloon Bomb Barrage
Middle: Advanced Rocket Pods -> Final Squadron -> Final Squadron X -> Final Squadron Omega -> Robotic Assembly
Right: Fortified Fleet -> Point-Defense Drones -> Emperor's Rage -> Emperor's Revenge -> Emperor's Retribution

Left: Cash Bounty -> Toxic Corrosion -> Desolator Airstrike -> Desolator Dual-Airstrike -> Desolator Delta-Airstrike
Middle: Grinder Treads -> Orbital Drop -> Orbital Dump -> Orbital Downpour -> Mass Production
Right: Terror Drone Surprise -> Magnetic Satellite -> Super-Magnetic Satellite -> Ultra-Magnetic Satellite -> Magnetic Singularity

====New Maps List:

===Uprising Maps:
Au Revoir Reservoir (2)
Grinder Gulch (2)
Hard Lesson (2)
Island Arena (2)
Killington Cove (2)
Kodiak Lake (2)
Cooked Through (2)
Pure Oniage (2)
Rival Schools (2)
Soundless Hill (2)
Twisted Terrace (2)
Fried River (3)
Red Diamond (3)
Tear Garden (4)
Battlebase Quartus (4)
Bear Zamok (4)
Sunken Shipping (4)
Ghoste Towne (4)
Inkblot Island (4)
Honor Bound (4)
Road to Nowhere (4)
Island Getaway (4)
Oil Slick (4)
Shogun Alley (4)
Piping Hot (4)
Apocalypse Mountain (6)
Battlebase Hexis (6)
Holdout Keep (6)

===Bonus Maps:
Turtle Village (2)
Black Tortoise (2)
Deep End (2)
Dreadnought Alley (2)
Pier Pressure (2)
Wrong Steppe (2)
Repair Bay (3)
Last Resort (4)
Neon Crisis (4)
Age of Wreckoning (4)
Loch Mess (5)
Swimming Hazard (6)

RA3 Science RA3 Science RA3 Science

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