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The mod's done already? Actually it's an old version back from the past.

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This mod had been previously released to the public since the end of October 2009 which was only posted in some C&C forums rather than here. It was the fourth release of the mod where it didn't involve all the Uprising units and the other custom new units released as source codes from other modders. There were some significant balance issues and missing parts that need to be fixed or added for a future version for this mod. Suggestions are welcome for feedback.


RA3 Reloaded Beta 0.5 works only on RA3 patch 1.12.

Version Beta 0.5 Changes

-- All global, balance and bug changes done in RA3 patches 1.11 and 1.12 are included in this mod. The following changes listed below are new and edited changes to enhance RA3 version 1.12.

-- The sampled music track into this mod has been removed until EALA fixes the inclusion of music into the game involving pathmusic. It appears that there will be no new music in this mod at this point of time until the encoder is available for use.

-- New units available to build in RA3:
**Allied Harbinger Gunship (cost 4000/40) - requires Max Clearance and Defense Bureau
This unit is based from RA3 Uprising. Its way of moving and attacking has been fixed. Attack damage increased by 20%, clip-reloading time decreased slightly and locomotor values have been changed: circling radius is 100, circling speed is 70%, slow turn and fast turn radius are both 75. Airfield now prohibits this unit from parking. Unit ability names and descriptions added in mod.str. There is an AI issue in which this unit can't move or attack directly on some certain points such as repairing by drones over the airfield or attacking an enemy building when it refused to do so and target something else. This can only work if you click or press a button to hold fire stance.

**Soviet Tesla Tank (cost 1500/15) - requires Super Reactor
This unit was a SP campaign unit from RA3 and Uprising which was never available to build in skirmish modes. Primary attack is very much like the Tesla Coil but with lesser damage. Its ability is very much alike to the tesla trooper which spreads out a tesla emp wave in a small radius around enemy units, making the unit stationary. Friendly units are unaffected by this ability.

**Soviet Desolation Bomber (cost 1600/16) - requires Battle Lab and Airfield
A similar version to the Allied Century Bomber, it drops desolator bombs that are deadly against infantry and light vehicles. Since it carries one desolator ammo, it needs to be reloaded at the airfield.

**Japan Attack Drone (cost 500/5) - requires Japan Barracks
The unit has a gun effective against infantry but armor is weak. However, the foice taunts for the unit are not included yet.

**Japan Greater King Oni (cost 4000/40) - requires Nanotech Mainframe + Mecha Bay Breakthrough + Nanoswarm Hive
This unit has the same ability as King Oni but much stronger and faster and can attack air units.

**Japan Shogun Executioner (cost 7000/70) - requires Nanotech Mainframe + Mecha Bay Breakthrough + Nanoswarm Hive
This unit is considered the epic unit of RA3 and it can only be built at a limit of one on the battlefield. Its reload time of using its shockwave ability is now ten seconds making it ideal for faster destruction. Although it's more OP than the C&C3 Mothership's catalyst cannon in terms of range and radius damage, this is probably the biggest and most powerful unit of the C&C series.

General Global Changes:
-- All Ore Collectors are no longer buildable from War Factory and Naval Yard to all three factions because they are unnecessary. They can now only be buildable from Ore Refineries.
-- Sidebar now has 4 rows x 3 columns of building unit(s) and structure(s) just like from RA3 Uprising.
-- Multiplayer/skirmish modes now have more color options to choose from.
-- All factional base and neutral structures increase their health by 25%. All EORTS egg cores increase their health by 25%.
-- The player techs in the support powers menu have been modified.
-- Any unit that reaches heroic veterancy will auto-heal itself. Some units previously do not auto-heal.
-- Mouse's click and drag box color changed to red.

Allied Cost and Balance Changes:
- Attack Dog: 200/2
- Peacekeeper: 150/3
- Javelin Soldier: 300/5
- Engineer: 500/8. Speed is 25% faster.
- Spy: 1000/10
- Tanya: 2000/20. Limit is 3.
- Riptide ACV: 700/7.
- Multigunner IFV: 700/7
- Guardian Tank: 900/9. Health increased by 15%.
- Mirage Tank: 1600/16
- Athena Cannon: 1400/14
- Vindicator: 1200/12
- Apollo Fighter: 1000/10
- Prospector: 1400/14. Speed increased by 25%, health is doubled.
- MCV and Construction Yard: 4000/40. Radius increased to 800 from 600 to every supporting structure that has been upgraded with heightened and max clearances.
- Century Bomber: 2000/20
- Cryocopter: 1600/16
- Hydrofoil: 900/9
- Dolphin: 750/8
- Assault Destroyer: 1500/15. It can now attack naval units with torpedoes.
- Aircraft Carrier: 2000/20
- Power Plant: 800/8. Power provided is 200.
- Barracks: 500/5
- Defense Bureau: 1500/15. Requires War Factory, Airfield and Max Clearance.
- Airfield: 1000/10. Requires Ore Refinery to be built.
- Naval Yard: 1000/10. The structure can no longer build Riptide ACVs.
- Refinery and War Factory: 2000/20 each. War Factory can now build Assault Destroyers.
- Multigunner Turret: 800/10. Requires Barracks to be built.
- Spectrum Tower: 1500/20. Requires Max Clearance to be upgraded.
- Chronosphere: 1500/30. Requires Defense Bureau to be built.
- Proton Collider: 2500/30. Requires Defense Bureau to be built.
- Heightened Clearance will take 20 seconds to upgrade. Max Clearance will take 40 seconds to upgrade.
- Infantry units that are in Riptide ACVs can now attack from inside.

Soviet Cost and Balance Changes:
- Conscript: 100/3
- War Bear: 200/4
- Flak Trooper: 400/6
- Tesla Trooper: 800/10
- Engineer: 500/8. Speed is 25% faster. Rather than making a battle bunker as his ability at a cost of 500, his replaced ability is now the same as the Allied Engineer. Soviets now deserve a medic for use.
- Natasha: 2000/20. Limit 3.
- Sickle: 800/8
- Bullfrog: 900/9
- Hammer Tank: 1000/10.
- Terror Drone: 600/6
- V4 Rocket Launcher: 1400/14. Requires Battle Lab to be built.
- Tesla Tank: 1500/15. Requires Super Reactor to be built.
- Apocalypse Tank is renamed to Heavy Tank. Cost is now 1750/18.
- Ore Collector: 1400/14, speed increased by 25%, health is doubled.
- MCV and Construction Yard: 4000/40. Repack time reduced to 2 seconds.
- Stingray: 1000/10
- Akula Sub: 1500/15
- Dreadnought: 2000/20
- Twinblade: 1200/12
- Kirov Airship: 2000/20
- MIG Fighter: 1000/10. It now has missile packs for ground attacks similar to the Vindicator. However, its movement should be similar to the Vindicator rather than stopping completely.
- Sputnik: 1500/15 (aka surveyor)
- Reactor: 600/6. Power provided is 100.
- Super Reactor: 2000/20. Power provided is now 500 instead of 350. Requires Observation Post.
- Battle Bunker: 500/5. Can now be built in the defenses tab.
- Crusher Crane: 1500/15. Now it cannot build superweapons.
- Battle Lab: 3000/30. Requires War Factory and Super Reactor to be built.
- Airfield: 1000/10. Now requires Ore Refinery to be built.
- Boot camp: 500/5, Naval Yard: 1000/10, Refinery and War Factory: 2000/20 each.
- Sentry Gun: 800/10 and Flak Cannon: 800/10 require Barracks to be built.
- Tesla Coil: 1500/20. Requires Battle Lab to be built.
- Iron Curtain: 1500/30. Requires Battle Lab to be built.
- Vacuum Imploder: 2500/30. Requires Battle Lab to be built.
- War Factory, Naval Yard and Airfield now have repair drones.

Japan Cost and Balance Changes:
- Imperial Warrior: 150/3
- Burst drone: 300/5
- Tankbuster: 300/5
- Shinobi: 1000/10
- Yuriko Omega: 2500/25. The limit is 3.
- Rocket Angel: 1000/10
- Engineer: 500/8. Speed is 25% faster.
- Striker/Chooper-VX: 1200/12
- Jet/Mecha Tengu: 800/8
- Tsunami Tank: 1000/10
- King Oni: 2000/20
- Sudden Transport: 600/6
- Ore Collector: 1400/14. Speed increased by 25%, health is doubled.
- MCV and Construction Yard: 4000/40
- Wave-Force Artillery: 1500/15
- Sea/Sky Wing: 1000/10
- Shogun Battleship: 2200/22
- Naginata Cruiser: 1800/18
- Yari Mini-sub: 800/8
- Instant Generator: 700/7. Power provided is 150.
- Nanotech Mainframe: 2500/25. Requires War Factory and Refinery to be built. The name has been edited due to confusion with EALA naming the structure Maincore Mainframe. As for the voice taunts, ignore it.
- Instant Dojo: 600/6, Refinery: 2000/20, Mecha Bay: 2000/20.
- Imperial Docks: 1000/10. The structure can no longer build Tsunami Tanks.
- Defender-XV: 800/10. Requires Barracks to be built.
- Wave-Force Tower: 1500/20. Requires Nanotech Mainframe to be built.
- Nanoswarm Hive: 1500/30. Requires Nanotech Mainframe to be built.
- Psionic Decimator: 2500/30. Requires Nanotech Mainframe to be built.
- Dojo Upgrade is 500/15, Dojo Breakthrough is 1000/30.
- Mecha Bay upgrade is 1000/15, Mecha Bay Breakthrough is 2000/30.
- Docks upgrade is 750/15, Docks Breakthrough is 1500/30.

Credits to:
- Bibber for the complete dummy art files and the mod sdk extra files for the crash fix.
- Jonwil for the 4-rows screen UI modification and his tools.
- Frish for the OP Mod source codes involving Shogun Executioner and Emperor King Oni Unit.
- Overmind for the Soviet Mumakil art assets and source codes (formerly called the April Fools Mammoth Tank) and Lauren for the Mumakil's death animations, particles and sounds.
- DavoPlayer for the Desolator Bomber unit source code.
- EALA for the Uprising unit art assets.
- The modders of the RA3 modding community with Yuriko's custom psionic power, custom shaders, the Attack Drone source and all others. (will name the users when I have more info.)

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