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RA2YR Enhanced is a rebalancing mod for Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge with a completely rescripted AI. It aims to make skirmish games against the computer a lot more enjoyable without meandering away from the vanilla flavor.

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RA2YR Enhanced 4.0 brings a bunch of changes over the previous versions, with a few notable features.

First of all, Grand Cannons can now be deployed only by vehicle. The Allied Grand Cannon Vehicles are quite slow, making French expansion less aggressive. However, tactical opportunities are increased now and the French AI will take advantage of this by trying to plant a few cannons near the enemy bases.

Grand Cannons

Poorly defended bases may now be rushed by squadrons of Allied IFVs. Their purpose is to do as much damage as they can before being destroyed. While they are quite weak, their speed can overwhelm any unsuspecting player.


A stronger emphasis has been placed on infantry attacks, which were quite neglected in previous versions of this mod. Contingents of Shock Troopers can redefine the meaning of power while sneaky engineers will try to make a buck out of your buildings. Having some anti-infantry at hand is a good idea.


Another important change, naval AI was also neglected in previous versions, but now it has been enhanced to dangerous levels. Loose AI fleets may wreak havoc upon any base that falls in their (long) range, while fully loaded hover transports can popup when least expected. Don't forget to protect your shoreline or the battle will be over quickly.


You can download the latest version here:

And don't forget, if you find it too easy or too hard, you can adjust difficulty at any time from within the mod installer.


can u make infantry size smaller?

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Trufales Author

Nah, that would ruin the original graphics and they won't look good either.

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