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Went full tilt for a week and made a bunch more content, what else is new...

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Hello everyone, thank you for joining me for this update.

It has been a busy past week. Everything I set out to get done has been accomplished.

The R1 ground units have been finalized, 3d modeled, textured, animated and integrated into the game.(Lod0, Lod2, Lod3)
Some of the GUI has had another pass over it & is more responsive. (Build UI, Objectives UI, Fleet UI, Research UI, Menu UI).
Resource Harvesting is complete (Units harvest, when full, drop off their cargo) Game Manager handles various resources.
Resource Harvesting Animations and Effects are done.

Mission Objectives: RTS Mission objectives populate the objectives tab and track user progression.

Finished the level "Ghenna". The level which has been shown in most of the images so far has been finished and optimized.

I also began working on the tactical map overlay, which is coming along nicely and should be ready for next weeks update.

Below Units are Complete and in Game.

R1 Kinetic Walker Tank
R1 Missle Walker Tank
R1 Resource Collector
R1 Mobile Refinery
R1 Grunt
R1 QuadWalkerDestroyer

R1 Ground Units

R1 Quad Walker 2


R1 Ground Units 2minercloseup2R1 Quad Walker

Thank you for reading and don't forget to follow for news and updates!

The above units I still have to make First Person vehicle controllers and integrate them.


Thank you for reading and don't forget to follow for news and updates!

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