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'Lost in Time EP 1: Heathen' is a FPS/RTS being solo developed for the past 12 months. Inspired by games such as battlezone, starcraft, redalert and homeworld, I set out to create a unique experience on a modern engine.

Players can organize and build their fleet, scavenge resources, assimilate enemy units or wage war on a massive scale. If you choose, you can pilot any vehicle, large or small, and when you do, they gain abilities. In single player, your fleet is persistent and any large structures such as fixed structures that produce resources or units, will still continue producing and sending those units/supplies to the front line.

Single player consists of 12 chapters, and currently 3 of those chapters are completed. The first 3 chapters are spent in FPV where the narrative is developed and towards the conclusion of chapter 3 the player is introduced to RTS controls

The future isn't as friendly as we'd hoped. Explore what remains of society and forge a new future for humanity.


All images and content posted are in-game and may change

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R1 Ground Units


Hello everyone, thank you for joining me for this update.

It has been a busy past week. Everything I set out to get done has been accomplished.

The R1 ground units have been finalized, 3d modeled, textured, animated and integrated into the game.(Lod0, Lod2, Lod3)
Some of the GUI has had another pass over it & is more responsive. (Build UI, Objectives UI, Fleet UI, Research UI, Menu UI).
Resource Harvesting is complete (Units harvest, when full, drop off their cargo) Game Manager handles various resources.
Resource Harvesting Animations and Effects are done.

Mission Objectives: RTS Mission objectives populate the objectives tab and track user progression.

Finished the level "Ghenna". The level which has been shown in most of the images so far has been finished and optimized.

I also began working on the tactical map overlay, which is coming along nicely and should be ready for next weeks update.

Below Units are Complete and in Game.

R1 Kinetic Walker Tank
R1 Missle Walker Tank
R1 Resource Collector
R1 Mobile Refinery
R1 Grunt
R1 QuadWalkerDestroyer

R1 Ground Units

R1 Quad Walker 2


R1 Ground Units 2minercloseup2R1 Quad Walker

Thank you for reading and don't forget to follow for news and updates!

The above units I still have to make First Person vehicle controllers and integrate them.


Thank you for reading and don't forget to follow for news and updates!

LiT Ep 1: Heathen  - Cutscene progress Tier 2 Tech Tree

LiT Ep 1: Heathen - Cutscene progress Tier 2 Tech Tree


Tier 2 tech tree cutscene without dialogue. Two cutscene clips (40seconds and 4minutes)

R1 vs R2 Playtest

R1 vs R2 Playtest

News 2 comments

Screen shots from an earlier playtest of R1 and R2 fleets. Everything runs fine with no slow down. Focus for this week is the finalization of the R1 fleet...

R1 Units

R1 Units

News 1 comment

Much of R1 has been completed along with the ground buildings. Here is a sneak peak at the art-direction of R1 units.

LunarShuriken - - 1,275 comments

Looks great!

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