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A few words on the latest r0.95b release version of the mod.

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Stargate Races v0.92b has been published for release. This is overall a fairly minor update that was forced into early release to provide compatibility with the recent Rebellion v1.92 update released by Ironclad Games a few days ago. Still, there were a couple new assets that can be spotlighted:

New Wraith Superhive Texture

Wraith Superhive IRay 1

The model is the same one generously provided by the Pegasus Chronicles team but a new UV unwrap was done and new textures created.

Asgard Odin

AsgardOdin IRay1

Another mesh generously provided by the Pegasus Chronicles team, re-UV mapped and re-textured for use in Stargate Races.

New Puddlejumper

Ancients Puddlejumper IRay1

A model provided courtesy of the Stargate Open Asset Library. Geometry was cleaned-up, the UV map was redone and an all-new set of textures were created for use in Stargate Races.

There are also a couple minor gameplay changes/fixes but nothing of major note. The one change was that the visual effects of Wraith weapons were thinned to be a little less spammy, based on player feedback. The release of this update was somewhat forced by circumstances and so the change list was not that long yet. Still, I hope you all enjoy this latest release and, as always, feedback is welcome.

Stargate Races r0.95b

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