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Heres some progress made with animating, rigging, and shared animations between the enemies. Also some new artwork.

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Hello everyone, a few things have been going on.

So first, the game doesn't play right, yet. Also, it doesn't look right, yet. Not even for a half decent teaser. I feel all the parts are there, mostly, but they are not put together correctly. But, it is coming along, runs smooth, and I am going to be polishing up everything that needs it, in the order of what needs the most.

So on that note, Ive redone the bug art. Well, one of 4 variants at least. Ive redone the basic Drone bug. new mesh, new sculpt and a half decent texture. Each part took roughly a day, and theres 20 some bits per bug :/

Screen Shot 2022 04 04 at 12 58 23 PM

Next, they need the animations redone. Everything was oriented weird directions, so I more or less had to start that again from scratch, and its still not coming easy... Even if the workflow is a bit more straightforward now.

There has been a lot going on in our household too and its been keeping me away from really pushing hard on finishing everything quickly. Fortunately everything is done, sorted, and resolved. So thats good!

Screen Shot 2022 03 28 at 11 42 44 AMScreen Shot 2022 03 31 at 8 42 34 PMdrone sculpt

Screen Shot 2022 04 03 at 12 45 35 PMScreen Shot 2022 03 27 at 10 23 14 PM

This quick update is getting a little long, so I'll leave it there. New stuff soon.




Very nice, as always. 👌

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