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We're still at it guys, just want to let you know what's up.

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Just want to keep you up to date as there's been no news in a while. I won't be posting this to the main moddb feed because that award will be going out to Burguois' planned update which you'll see soon.

Edit: Looks like ModDB published my news anyway, so welcome to the new visitors :) You'll also be seeing a news update from Burguois in the coming weeks. Don't forget to watch/follow our mod!

I know you guys love weapons, and this did start out as a weapons mod, so here's two things: two models and two skins from Aytabag, as well as me updating the screenshot gallery with images of various weapons that have been added or re-skinned.


vityaz unique



In terms of weapons, I'm adopting a less cluttered system that is employed by the creator of STCOP and STCS: putting all the damn weapon textures in the /wpn folder instead of having a million directories where I can't find anything :P

Speaking of STCOP and STCS, you'll see some images from weapons they're using in the gallery as I've adopted many of their models at this point, both for new and old weapons. Many thanks to Gaz1k for his amazing mods!

I've been working hard on the new attachment system, but I am now taking a break from weapons. It's time to focus on things that matter a bit more, despite this update: gameplay.

I plan on giving the A-Life a lot more attention, making new anomaly types, adding some new monsters with the models available out there (no ports from other games, they look out-of-place in Xray), and perhaps some things that will surprise you guys. I feel I have a few interesting new ideas.

In terms of what everyone else is working on, everyone to my knowledge is taking a well deserved break to play the absolutely amazing mod Call of Chernobyl. As you may already know the team behind Call of Chernobyl has let us utilize their code, scripts, configs, and other assets from the beginning, so many thanks go out to Team EPIC. We've changed their stuff around for our own purposes and added many new features of our own of course, but we use 9/10th's of their scripts as a base to build upon.

Before the break:

Aytabag has been working on many great things, one of which involves a face generator program, but I won't say anything more than that :)

Burguois is always pushing out new content, but my lips are sealed as to what he has been working on lately.

[TZP]Loner1 is helping implement a new HUD made by Koma, which looks nothing short of astounding, which you may have seen already over on ap-pro. We'll have video of it in usage when it's fully implemented.

new hud

Loner is also working on more great particle effects and a surprise he hasn't told me yet.

Heiker is helping implement some shaders for a new graphics feature I haven't devoted much time to yet. Sorry Heiker, and yes I promise to give you the latest version of the Source sometime soon, you've been very patient with me ;)

Lastly, I ended up screwing around with shaders a bit and made a clone of the selflight shader, then screwed around with it's properties so it can make for some nice looking Eotech/Kobra type sights in my opinion, though others are invited to make something better.
The catch is that we're not using the Shoker method of using the lightplanes shader for reasons I won't go into, so instead of just a texture you need a mesh of the reticle you are giving this shader to.

I have uploaded the files needed to Mediafire:

I'm not providing any support for this as it requires using the SDK, and most mod makers already know how to do that.

That's it for now, and thanks for watching our mod.

Update #1:

Forgot to mention that Absolute Nature 3 will no longer be required. An alternative to editing the levels and still placing the space restrictors has been staring me in the face all this time :P

Update #2:

Since we have a lot of new visitors, just thought I'd take the time to remind people that we are in need the following talents for our mod:
1) Animators - you must know how to animate in Stalker already or be willing to figure it out on your own, as I cannot teach you
2) Programmers - Maybe just one more, especially since one programmer is pending. You will have a significant advantage if you know rendering and how to work with HLSL! Requirements are a proficiency with C++ and Visual Studio 2013. Please don't waste my time if you just want the source code, as I've had too much of that, so I'll be testing anyone who applies.
3) LUA Scripters - We could use one more person doing this as currently Burguois is doing all of it. I'd like it if Burguois had someone he could tell to script certain things for him in order to save him some time.

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NanoTheBandit - - 1,259 comments

Man, I cant wait, hopefully this wont lag up too much with the GTX660.

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Mr_Hamfi - - 1,357 comments

Good (y)

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mp5lng - - 7,996 comments

Cheeki breeki for the news and for the new shaders :D though I have no clue how to use them xD

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DaimeneX - - 854 comments

This hud would be good to use in COC too...
Hmm. I bet you guys will release the hud as a standalone mod after Radium is finshed ;3

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