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The project is still alive and well, There just isn't much to talk about.

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Greetings captains!

This is just a very fast status update about the development of the mod. I was silent for months because there is not much to tell yet. I'm still working on the 3D models for the Imperial Morning expansion.

he Federation is about 70% done, the Romulans are at about 80% and I started to work on the Klingons but they are only at about 10%. Two things slowed down the progress significantly. I finally figured out how to make the game to handle shadows better. Previously some sharp edges were smoothed out where they shouldn't have been. Now I have a solution but it takes more work. The second is that I originally thought that the Motion Picture era has very definitive colors, so every starship would use the same color pattern. How wrong I was! Even the greyish hull of the Federation ships differ drastically from modder to modder, and if I simply port the models to the mod, the fleet looks like a ragtag pirate band. Not to mention the Klingons where it is difficult to find two ships with similar color palettes... Doing minor adjustments to the textures takes a lot of time as well.

I also started to draw up some new features I plan to introduce in the next expansion. I hope it will work out. I give you one hint: One of the planned features involves the method how you build Borg ships in the original Fleet Operations game.

That's all for now.

See you around!

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