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A little something for the Deus Ex fans out there.

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As Deus Ex's tenth anniversery passed me by, I began to think of all the great times we had together.
The game sparked my interest in First Person Shooters, Conspiracy's and mods.
Though my modding ability is so so, I became amazed at the quality of work other people had put in to tell there own little Deus Ex story.
Some of the big monster mods such as 'The Nameless Mod', ZODIAC and Redsun2020 are fine examples of this. What i was amazed by was that some of the smaller Fan Missions dotted around on the internet have not been uploaded to Moddb so that these little gems can be downloaded and played. They may be small and only consisting of a few maps but heck they're fun to play.

I will try and upload a bunch of Fan Missions to this Moddb profile over the next few weeks when I get the time. These will all be set up to work with the Mod Loader, so all you have to do for each mod is extract it to the Deus Ex Folder so the Maps go in the map folder and so forth.
No installation will be required, other than altering the Deusex.ini file to set the modloader up but that is a simple precess.

The first Mission that i will upload over the next couple of days is ANT-Agenda. It is quite a difficult map with a heavy focus on stealth.

More Later.

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