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Quick news update regarding the future of this mod

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Hello everyone

After a long absence i have begun work on this once again, and in the process I've switched over to the better G.E.C.K. tools from fallout 3.

What does this mean for me?
Well it means that with the improvements in the mod tools i can achieve things which i wasn't able to do well enough in Oblivion.

Why come back to the mod now?
Well if im truthfully honest after watching Sir Terry give his Dimbleby Lecture 'Shaking Hands with Death' I was inspired to come back to this mod and finish what I started with all the new skills I've learned.

When can we expect it?
I'm aiming for a October/September release, 2010.

"It's going to look pretty good, then, isn't it," said War testily, "the One Horseman and Three Pedestrians of the Apocralypse."


Do you already have some screenshots?

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