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A quick model update and a few new things.

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hello i'm back with a quick model update for the Marines fixed the helmets but there is a little bug with the exporter extension that freaks the face a little i can't seem to fix it and everytime it gets only worse for some reason when exporting to MD3 some times the face material disappears or there is a hole on the face i could'nt fix it

but it is'nt noticeable when facing the marines from the front but when facing them from the right side you can see the hole on the cheek

the UNSC Officer is back now each marine squad you call will have a Officer on command

Screenshot Doom 20220812 152528

new backup squads a anti-vehicle squad armed with SPNKR and you now can call Johnson (you need 200 kills to get him)

Screenshot Doom 20220812 152831

and new updated icons for the Marines squad and icons for the Anti-Vehicle squad and Johnson backup

Screenshot Doom 20220812 152419

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