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quake2xp 1.26.4 available now. Read for details))

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  • screen space local reflections for water & slime
  • screen space ambient occlusion
  • motion blur
  • radiosity normal mapping with high resolution lightmaps (vanilla Q2 & Reckoning)
  • fake sub-surface scattering for monster skin
  • complete vanilla Q2 relight
  • static VBO-IBO optimizations
  • improved light editor

    Linux path not tested (but compiled under OpenSUSE 12.2 w/o errors)

    Other notes:
  • Use clean install, don't use old Q2XP paks or game config!!!
  • Win8 users with Creative Audigy or X-Fi cards should use software OpenAL audio device (select in options menu)
  • New build is very hard for video cards. Use geforce 660Ti or higher class cards with 2GB VRam (for 1080p with max engine settings).
  • Engine can work in simple mode (radiosity normal mapping + dynamic & styled lights only). For this mode set lightmap & specular multipliers to 1.0 (r_lightmapScale & r_ambientSpecularScale cvars correspondingly). For PPL mode, set to 0.5 & 0.3.
  • The Reckoning has new lightmaps only, no retexture or relight.
  • SSAO crush after video restart. Restart engine for fix
jamman88 - - 226 comments

SSA in quake 2? HELLS TO THE YEAH! now all this needs is Rift support

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slipkid69 - - 1,338 comments

great thank you will try this beauty out.

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Scadden - - 97 comments

This is awesome great work, off to play through nightmare

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