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This patch brings a whole new set of features to co-op.

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As a continuation of v1.1, patch 1.1.1 further expands the capabilities of Quake Reignited's co-op play. Alongside cleaning up of core gameplay, such as adding key sharing and delayed platforms, it also brings new flags to customize the experience. Weapon pickup sharing and disabling friendly fire are brand new features coming with this update. Nightmare Co-op can now be enabled on other difficulties and both it and respawning in place can now be turned off for those who want something a little more vanilla. A readme is included with the full set of changes to co-op and how to enable these new features.

The Spiral

On the gameplay side of things, a few remaining bugs have been squashed, particularly with the Ring of Shadows. Enemies have seen some tweaks to their targeting behavior which should make them a bit more aggressive in co-op. The Death Knight and Fiend have been given a few buffs in key areas to remove some of the cheesier strats for fighting them.

Standing Guard

Aside from potential hotfixes, this wraps up the v1 development cycle. What comes next? Who's to say...

Going Rogue

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