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With the launch of Quake Reignited v1.1 comes a plethora of changes and some maps to try them out on.

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Quake Reignited's first major update, v1.1, is now available for download. You can grab it here. You can check out some of the changes outlined in the previous rundown article. Included is improved weapon balance, an overhaul to the game's difficulty to bring it up across the board, further improvements and tweaks to monsters, and some new co-op features. Certain core issues have also been fixed to add greater source port support. A full changelog is included with the update for anyone who wants to see specifics.

Looking for some custom maps to play with it?

Below are some great single maps and map packs to try out with Quake Reignited!

1. Dimension of the Past - Machine Games

Yes, that Machine Games, creator of the modern Wolfenstein games. Made in honor of Quake's 20th anniversary, this unofficial episode 5 is considered a staple custom map pack and lives up to that reputation. A difficult and well-crafted vanilla experience, this is one of the best around.

Dimension of the Past

2. Retro Jam 6 - Community Map Pack

For those familiar with Quake mapping, you'll be no stranger to its many map jams. The community loves to come together to create themed packs, be it Aztecan, Brutalist, or in this case, Egyptian. This pack features some fun maps with striking visuals and interesting gameplay mechanics.

Retro Jam 6

3. Prison of Hope - GrazzasOnlyFan

This single map, inspired by the Souls series and named after Demon's Souls' Tower of Latria, features a quick decent into madness and a slow climb out of it. In between the rust and grime of its textures lies some beautiful visuals that really make Quake shine. Its verticality gives a great sense of space as you'll continually cross over and under previous paths taken.

Prison of Hope

4. Q25 Limits Jam - Community Map Pack

Another community pack, this one was made in honor of Quake's 25th anniversary and aims to create a vanilla experience. Featuring all the same stylings and technical limits of the original Quake, it serves as a fun romp through Quake's past and how mappers have managed to modernize it.

the godless dream q25 mark

5. The Horde of Zendar - sock

This single map features a large castle for the player to explore. A tight experience with its cramped hallways and, by contrast, open courtyard arenas. Its classic Medieval aesthetic plays perfectly into Quake's strengths and it remains a challenge throughout. There are also quite a few secrets to scout for.

The Horde of Zendar

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