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An online roleplaying game based in the Quake 1 universe.

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Ok, so im not Claiming to know a lot about this project as i came into the Quake community pretty late considering my age. But lately something has caught my eye. A game/mod Named "Realms of Quake" developed by Error one of the local Quake modders to Apparently Realms of Quake was a project he started a while back and that hes picked up again. From what iv noticed there's already been a ton of work done since hes started from scratch. From what iv been reading the mod will have 4 classes (Soldier, Medic, Berserker, Runic) each with their own role. it'll have csqc support for things like a fully custom HUD and entities that could be handeled client side (for better preformance.) Anyways this is something i felt like sharing for those of you who may not visit inside3d. be sure to check out the screenshots and his homepage!



heh interesting...It would be kickass if it would be co-op teamplay, or include it..Sort of like a version of Sven Co-op but for quake 1 :D
Players would do objectives and working together on a medium/big map to finish it :)

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