Post news RSS qftep dicetror cut is bacc! butt, wa happund?

why did the game dissaper butt now is bacc?//1! srly, ned to kno

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okay, you read the summary, and subject, and yuo alerd know that the mod disappeared out of nourher, butt as to wy dat is, is cuz, i was wurking on a re-boot of qftep 1 and 2 around mid-late 2021, the re-boot was originally going to be an update for director's cut, but this mod had alot of change of plans, so many, that (foreshadowing), it was cancelled for the constant change of ideas, since the re-boot was going to make qftep director's cut obsolete, i decided to delete the mod, but, yet again another change of ideas was made after i cancelled the re-boot, and since director's cut was "the definitive way" of playing qftep 1, i just, couldn't keep it out forever, so, i brought it back for y'all to play it, soon there will be the v2.0 update, and some of the content from the re-boot will be brought to director's cut, some balance changes will be made, design changes, and, lots more, oh yeah, and qftep 2 director's cut will be included in it.

as a bonus, if you wanted to try the re-boot (called Lived & Replaced or Live & Reloaded), which, is unfinished, and abandoned, here is the download link:

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