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Here's a bit of information regarding a newly released version of QCDE. It's like those AAA games with their "day one patch", except that for us is "week one" ;)

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Hello everybody!

First of all, thanks to everyone that has been downloading the mod. It's amazing to see how many people were interested in this project. It's even more impressive to see all the people playing it. We had a fantastic release party, so much so that the servers were having issues dealing with the player influx. It's been fantastic.

Now, with a lot more players to play with, some issues have surfaced, be that bugs or balance issues. Taking that into consideration, we've released a v1.0.1 "patch". It's technically not a patch, because you do have to download the main file again (as opposed to download a tiny file), but this is to make things much simpler when loading files.

So, here's the changelog

V1.0.1 (Feb 15 2018)

Quality of Life
- Starting weapon can be selected via QCDE options or in-game
- Starting weapon preference is saved between levels and sessions
- Weapon bar supports 16:10 resolutions

- Caleb no longer gets damage protection while using active ability
- Caleb heals 50hp per player kill instead of full health while using active
- Zedek's Quietus fireballs deal less damage on impact, AOE damage remains the same
- Zedek's Quietus fireballs thrust players away on impact
- Zedek's cannonball passive's damage buffed
- Doomslayer's BFG after firing, takes less time to restore normal weapons
- Machineguns' accuracy slightly nerfed
- LG kickback halved
- SuperNailgun kickback reduced ~20%

- Fixed Tribolt having higher selection priority than Rocket Launcher
- Hourglasses no longer are considered for Item Count %
- Fixed Gauntlet bad offset when firing

- Weapon colors/shading tweaked (courtesy of Abysswalker)
- Bad HUD while spectating. Multiple systems need to work in accordance, but they don't. We're working on forcing them to.

Now, this is only adjustments/fixes for the main QCDE files. Some small issues have risen up in the map packs, but those will be addressed at a later point. The main idea here was to release this balance patch to battle the (now) obviouss OP of our favorite gunsliger.


Hey!! Nice!!

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