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Some info about the new version of QCDE released. Mostly bugfixes.

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Hey there everyone.

So, new "patch" dropped. As usual, is just one download with the entire mod updated. So you can freely delete old versions of the mod. It's not automatically replaced because the file name is different to reflect version. So there's that.

About champion balance, we basically buffed good ol' bitterman. This guy was not that great for FFA nor for duel. We didn't want to radically deviate from the conceptual idea we had for him, being about armor and all that. So instead, we buffed him. This is gonna be interesting.

Also, several bugfixes and improvements. We're still working on that spectator HUD and scoreboard, since we basically refactored the whole thing again. There might be bugs with the custom scoreboard; in the meantime, you can use the engine's scoreboard to track your position by using "+showscores"

Anyway, here's the full changelog for this version!


V1.0.2 (Feb 23 2018)

- Bitterman's active can overstack +25 armor
- Bitterman got a 2nd passive: any overstack degenerates much slower

Quality of Life
- Champion info screen displays mod version

- Fixed instances of overstack not showing numerically in the HUD
- Fixed spectator hud showing garbage data
- Fixed speedometer as spectator showing garbage data
- Fixed ghostwalking Nyx being somewhat visible in software renderer
- Fixed Zombieman class monsters not dropping ammo
- Fixed Railgun playing weak hitbeep sound when hitting non-bleeding monsters
- Hopefully fixed damage numbers stopping to work
- Fixed weapons sometimes dealing +-1 damage in DM

- Removed unnecessary reminder to bind starting weapon
- Fixed guide showing outdated info for Caleb's abilities

- Custom Scoreboard

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