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Long time, no update. We've been busy on our part and have a lot of exciting stuff to share. We'll do this via weekly ModDB posts and this is one in a series of what is coming.

I wanted to immediately jump in and make this post short and brief so the message isn't lost. We'd like to reach out to our ModDB audience and we've decided to do is have you post questions. In the new video blog, we would like to have YOU ask questions and have our developers answer them in video format! Any questions asked here in the comments will be forwarded to the devs and appear in a future segment. Be creative--ask us anything and everything! We'll even give the best question a reward in-game.

Additionally, we're finally in beta, and we've been inviting users from our forums. You can sign-up here and be entered automatically.


Introducing the information brokers of Iron Grip: Marauders. Frannel, Jasmine, and Stark--three of a motley crew, these people are your source for underhanded information in the Iron Grip world. They each run their own location where you can bribe them and socialize for secrets of your enemies and friends.

From the game manual and the official website:

In Iron Grip: Marauders, Jasmine and others like her serve as Information Brokers. They represent the eyes and ears of the seedy underbelly of the world, where information is money and power. They can provide you with details about bases in their area, or inside knowledge on a particular base. Their services are not free however, so you can expect to pay a modest fee for the information you receive.

Since real estate, in the form of bases, is the life blood that allows Marauder Captains to do what they do, Information Brokers serve a vital role of intelligence.

Now those are sure three people you wouldn't want to cross. We'll update next time with more characters in Iron Grip: Marauders.

Darthlex - - 1,050 comments

I suppose I'll be the first questioneer:

"Why did you decide upon making this rather vivid idea into a browser game?" You have previously worked with a rather old, but effective FPS engine, why this change?

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Armageddon104 - - 3,128 comments

Same, you also worked with source. Seems to me you've re-made this game 4 times.

And I guess a follow up to the other question is.

'Why do you keep going with the same story? Why not try something new?'

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Squeebo - - 388 comments

They haven't really made the game four times, they've just made a lot of different games in the same universe.

It seems to me they keep using the same world because it's spectacular.

I uh, shouldn't be answering questions, though. =O

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antilogic01 - - 65 comments

Meant to give you positive karma, sorry about that.

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sniper77shot - - 189 comments

I will be the 2nd.

Will this have any in game features that you will have to pay for, like units or will it be a subscription based?

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MrTambourineMan - - 717 comments

Ok, let me ask you a question that I'm really interested in.
How well did you do with Warlords, was it enough to finance Marauders or did you have to get additional financial resources? In one word were Warlords a successful project for you?

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that1guy! - - 61 comments

I've got a game play question that I'd really like to know.

Will there be any form of security for newer players to the game? Such as bonuses early on, stronger players can't attack them until a certain point, etc...

Just about any browser game (or similar) that I've played, stronger, more experienced players are constantly preying on new players that don't stand a chance. It really just ruins the aspect of having a good time on the game if you just can't build up because you joined in the game later than others.

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Dan911 - - 333 comments

Really wish they would fix the bugs and add Linux server support for Warlords where they have paying customers instead of focusing on this..although it does look cool.

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