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Well, I just released yesterday version 1.04 with all the bells and whistles, but I just had to release another one D:

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Yesterday, after a long hiatus on this mod, I released version 1.04, which brought several things, changes and balance adjustments. All good and stuff.

However, I completely missed the fact that this mod wasnt playing nice with mapsets that had ACS in them. In AeonDM.pk3, for example, you weren't getting your starting arsenal in deathmatch. In HONTE, all effects were forced to "low quality". So, after some digging, I found the reason and fixed it for good. And that's why it was important to release another update.

Now, I did a couple more changes, but nothing major:

-Fixed Q4LFMDE not working properly with mapsets that had any ACS in them
-Fixed scoped MG showing firing smoke (that's only for non-scoped)
-Fixed DM grenades not playing explosion sound in Zandronum
-Added crash sound to pistol alt fire
-Improved trail for pistol alt fire

So, there, another case of "last minute bug" that forced me to release another version of the mod i very recently updated. Yay.

Please redownload, and if you're feeling like it, our D4T friday even will actually be about this mod. Join us at around 9am CST to play some coop and then some deathmatch, quake arena style!


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