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A minor update has been released for PVKII GORE AND MORE, revising at Server owners, please update your servers!

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PVKII GORE AND MORE Minor Update Changelog
An update for PVKII has been released. Server owners, please update your servers. Comment below, on Steam, or in our new official forums!


  • DX8 no longer officially supported, DX8 now requires the launch -allowdx8 option and will include a warning during gameplay
  • Updated class selection menu
  • Added AFK protector ConVars to ruleset whitelist
  • Added lightmapping options to static props for mappers
  • Added "info_teamwinning" entity for mappers
  • Fart special no longer dependent on having a Halberd (fixes fart special not working with other weapons on Randomizer servers)
  • Shields now make a sound when they break
  • New input to disable and end touch for triggers for mappers
  • Add-on form can now be restored after error
  • Can now set a custom font for FPS panel (cl_fpspanel_font)
  • Big heads mode with mp_bigheads and mp_bigheads_scale
  • End round win music and scoreboard music now obey music slider
  • Can no longer get stuck in freezecam as long as you're alive
  • Mac OS X: Fixed crashes associated with the main menu models that didn't allow you join a game (already public, but not yet noted in a changelog)
  • Updated Nemesis\Domination\Revenge sound cues
  • Fixed chat not being sanitized to be used as a makeshift console
  • Fixed Early Bird achievement being obtainable after a teammate has captured under certain circumstances
  • Fixed bug that didn't allow server admins to join spectators when spectators are disabled
  • Fixed ambient_fmod bug that caused some sounds to not play
  • Fixed crash that can happen when dropping a chest on death
  • Fixed some voice line issues, Berserker & Huscarl will now say “Pirates” or “Knights stole gold when looking at a pirate or knight with the “We Lost the Gold” voice command
  • Fixed some client-side prediction errors with crouching
  • Fixed Berserker keeping fast movement speed after special when carrying trinket
  • Fixed class limit being printed to client console instead of server
  • Miscellaneous Crash Fixes Related to Particles and Ragdolls

Discord Rich Presence:

  • Details string now shows gamemode tickets instead of round wins (now wins only apply in LTS)
  • Now showing time elapsed/remaining, gamemodes that use time limits will show round time remaining in the rich presence
  • Rich presence is now properly cleared on shutdown and when cvar is set to 0

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