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After some time of very little development, Puzzlr is back.

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After quite some time with no released updates to Puzzlr and very little development going on, we're pleased to say we are going to be restarting development of Puzzlr. This new version will be a clean state. We won't use the Portal cube at all, instead we'll be using a Hammer-created cube that requires no additional content. We'll be keeping with our previous idea of minimal requirements for the mod and that will most likely continue to hold true. This project is know proceeding as an Open Source project which has all of the content of the new version available on our Google Code page here. All of the code is licensed under the MIT license which grants users the ability to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of Puzzlr. Although to be quite honest, we would definitely prefer if our code and game was not sold as is without any modification. That being said, you're still able to do it. This new version of Puzzlr is based not on Half-Life 2 : Deathmatch but instead on a Multiplayer Mod template from the Source SDK. With an SVN server set up through Google Code, our development will be much more efficient and as a result releases will come much faster. More advanced users will also be able to compile newer versions for themselves although we cannot guarantee this will work nor can we guarantee that you'll have any better of a playing experience. In summary, Puzzlr is back and will be better than ever with an all new engine and all new maps.

Aaron Weiss
Lead Programmer


I see that now you are really going after this mod, and no, don't sell it yet, first make a really interesting release to "tease" people out to buy it, then you start working on another version, on a real commercial engine (udk is nice), create a page here and post many media/updates/articles to tease people even more, than you find someone to talk about the game on forums, tell to his friends, and then you can have a full commercial release.

Also, I would like to see really nice puzzles, as these versions of Puzzlr aren't surprising me, you can have as idea the "Trials" maps from synergy, their puzzles are really challenging and forces coop, this is a good way to interest people. As always, wish you luck with the project, just don't go so far without posting news.

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chromatica Author

You misunderstood what I was saying. We have absolutely no plans to charge for Puzzlr and for the time being, it will remain free. The part about sales and the like was just showing the rights that the MIT license grants to the general public. And as I said, I'd really prefer if nobody sold it even though the license grants those rights. The new puzzles in Puzzlr will definitely be more challenging and will be a bit similar to those in Portal in essence.

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Will there be an option to use the old Portal Cube Models?

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