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Cloned from the ancient members of the Chapter, Pures represent the purity of the best geneseed the Lost Chapter had. Having the best geneseed is not a guarantee of a long life thought and Pures tend to exist in small numbers even though they are cloned at the thousands each time.

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Having preserved for millenia the geneseed of the original Chapter members, the Lost Chapter makes thousands of clones using that genetic material. The clones grow in half time but also live half the live of a normal human. They are trained harder than even the planetary recruits and the top survivability is at 5% the original number of clones. This clones become powerful warriors and are known as the Pures. The squad with the plasma cannon is a regular marine squad from the Lost Chapter whislt the other 2 squads are ranged Pures and close combat Pures. Each of the Pure squad 4 members can upgrade to a heavy weapon. Close combat Pures can upgrade to 4 different melee weapons and ranged Pures to 4 different ranged weapons.

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