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A quick update regarding PUNT: Rebirth as of 6/2/15.

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Once again, sorry for the long period without an update. This long period without an update basically has the same reasons as last time; outside life, limited time, etc. To reiterate, if you want more frequent updates, please follow us at any of the following links:

Head Developer's twitter: Twitter - Tristan .H

Corrupted Studios twitter: Twitter - Corrupted Studios

Official Blog: Blog

But now for the news:

  • Switch Gates

A different kind of fizzler that changes color and toggles its output every time the player goes through it

  • Official development tools

Including versions of hammer, faceposer, model viewer (hlmv), caption compiler, and a custom java based launchwrapper for quick and easy access. (Requires Half-Life 2 for some features)

  • Various cubes: Normal cubes, Flip cubes, Pause Cubes, and bomb cubes.
  • Visual overhaul: Virtual maps now have black outlines around platforms for easier depth perception, fixed turret deaths, fixed triggers for falling objects, and a newer, but still incomplete, experimental intro map. Real world test chambers are also now in the game with a 60's futuristic art style.

2015 05 26 00001

  • New cube models
  • Fizzlers

Vaporizes cubes, turrets, and other various objects

  • Cubes now automatically turn towards you when picked up, so as you don't have to continuously pick them up and put them down to properly move it.

  • New Logo
  • New Menu Font

  • Java Launchwrapper v2.0
  • New debug screen (Press shift and F1) for quick and easy access to many commands
  • New main menu chapter background, not only intended just for a menu, but a fix to a bug as well.
  • Credits (Which don't yet include third parties) added as a placeholder
  • Chapters Renamed
  • Complex geometry testing map added for developers
  • Some content from Reepblue's version of PUNT added (supplied by Reepblue)
  • Many new textures and sound added, which resulted in a larger file size for PUNT.
  • New models added
  • PUNT gun / E.C.H.O texture changed
  • Shaders updated
  • Punt gun is now registered as weapon_echo in hammer, as its own entity
  • Many new scripts added, such as new soundscapes
  • Icon changed
  • New doors
  • New decals
  • Easter eggs not added
  • Developer commentary added (Well, started)
  • Closed Captions added (started)
  • Observatory rooms added
  • More entities required to be in every map added
  • E.C.H.O / Punt gun sounds added
  • Solid fields added
  • Player fields added
  • Minor resource tweaks
  • Many bug fixes
  • Many other changes which I'm unable to list due to the number of them

As you can see, this is a fairly long list of changes, which is why an update took so long. We plan on uploading a video within a few weeks.


Looks promising! Can't wait for this mod to be released, i love a good 1st person puzzler :)

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