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This goes over the new update of punch-out doom. Featuring Disco Kid, Bear Hugger, Glass Joe, Super Macho Man, Mr. Sandman, Great Tiger and Don Flamenco

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As you become the champion of the world, Doc Louis tells you about a boxing championship that will be going on soon. It would be embarrassing not to come, so you and Doc Louis train and train hard, to become the winners at the big competition. However so are your old and new opponents so lets go over each one!

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Disco Kid

Originally from punch-out Wii, Disco kid is a silly boxer not much better than Glass Joe. Some believe Disco Kid and Kid Quick from the Punch-out arcade are either related or one in the same. This is not only because Disco Kid looks and acts similar in Title Defense, but also because in Punch-out Wii's files, he is referred to as Kid Quick. However, Nintendo still says he is another character. Either way Disco Kid is not much of a challenge and is good to start of on. His sprites are by Master Phred in "Phred's cool punch-out 2 turbo"

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Mr. Sandman

Mr. Sandman may be even less tough this time around, which is why he's the second fighter you face. He switches up some moves like an Uppercut or Jab instead of a hook. He does keep his 3 uppercut Dreamland express move however. This version is more based on the SNES version of Mr. Sandman, and he is largely easier for this reason. Sprites from Spriters resource as well as from Punch-out's nearly unused uppercut.

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Bear Hugger

Bear Hugger may seem easy at first, but his Bear Hugs are hard to predict. Usually he's always been in last or 2nd to last, but he ain't a pushover anymore. Bear Huggers stomach is his strongest point, so Body Blows do nearly nothing to him. Dodge his regular attacks, and watch out when he raises both his arms. Quickly duck or it's over for you. Sprites modified from Zappy Barbecues Punch-out project on scratch.

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Don Flamenco

Don Flamenco has gone seriously nuts in his quest to defeat you. Not only is he a 10x harder version of his Title Defense he actually can attack first and counter attack. Taken from Punch-out Wii, Don unloads flurries of punches that you will constantly have to back away from. Then once you recognize when he stops, charge in and pummel him. However, be careful. If you mistime your counter, he will counter your counter, and not in a good way. He also moves all around you and fast, so it's easy for him to catch you off guard. If your having trouble finding where he is, keep your guards up till you find him. In other words block any punches you may not see by constantly blocking if you don't see him. Sprites from Spriters Resource Custom Section.

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Great Tiger

Great Tigers days of being invisible are over. He's got a new magic trick now. Fake Clones! Great Tiger also keeps his old teleportation trick, with his clones being able to teleport as well. You'll always have to watch out on all sides, as he make clones when your not looking. What you think may be Great Tiger may be his clones. Also his clones are so aggressive that they'll attack you while your knocked down. Similar to the secret boss of the contender mode. Must be Dark Magic.

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Super Macho Man

Super Macho Man starts off by dropping from the ceiling. Despite the fact he seems like a palette swap, he's gotten stronger since you've last seen him, and the amount of boguses that he releases are random. He used to always due 3, but now he can do 1 to 100. Either way hes much trickier this time, and will most likely make you scream "This is freaking bogus!" Either way don't release the bogus on your computer.

Super Glass Joe

Plexi-Glass Joe

Glass Joe is the most powerful opponent. No doubt about it. Wait hold on . . . Glass Joe? The Best? I bet I can destroy this trash fighter. Edit: Oh can't. Glass Joe is now the most dangerous fighter there is, well except Mike Tyson can beat him, but thats about it. Glass Joe should be taken 100% seriously and no one should underestimate this beast of a fighter. You have been warned.

Also here is a how to guide on how to play the game:

Punch out guide

Their is also a new mode called macs last stand. It picks a random fighter, and if you get KOed 3 times your done. Pretty much a endless mode. When you die 3 times it kicks you back to World Circuit training.

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