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Full patch notes for Entodrive Devlog 34 +Pumpkin Harvest Seasonal Event, +Sprite Improvements, +Storage Changes.

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Pumpkin Harvest Seasonal Event

Magic Town is getting a little more spooky. The pumpkin harvest event will take place starting now and every October after. During October Magic Town is getting special pumpkin patches. These patches will trigger wild encounters for rare Entodrive. Get a chance to capture a second starter along with other later game Entodrive! Happy Halloween thank you everyone again for all the support. Happy Hacking.

What I've been working on :

Updated world map :

Added pumpkin harvest event
Added monster delete button in storage
Adjusted storage UI spacing to fit better on 21:9 aspect ratio
Adjusted storage spacing to make the monster preview sprite larger
Improvements to Gilgadad backsprite
Improvements to Womberyl backsprite
Improvements to Galvinum backsprite
Improvements to Doughlight backsprite
Improvements to Elabite backsprite
Improvements to Dygant backsprite
Improvements to Pydiac backsprite
Changed the front and backsprite for Buicrumb
Changed the front and backsprite for Corglit

What's coming next :

Time of Crisis Tie-in Event
Galvinum Mystical Battle
Magic Town secret lab
More moves
More Sidequests
More Cache Isle Detail Improvements
Updated community guides

Where have I been?

I've been working on the last expansion for Apastron. Entodrive is a game that takes place in the Apastron universe. For Apastron's last expansion Time of Crisis I decided to have Max Jai join the crossover. This event will have ramifications for the continuity for the entire Apastron universe. In the next coming months I'll be working on the Time of Crisis tie-in for Entodrive. I'm really excited for how this will impact Entodrive's story. If you're interested in seeing what Max Jai is up to in another dimension, please go check out Apastron Episode 3 Time of Crisis.

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