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This article will be discussing what publishes are and how we're going to take development phases. Also, a look at what's in publish 1.

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For those who follow myself and my partner on the steam forums for the game, this game will be coming out in small portions called Publishes. Each Publish will bring something new to the table and further add to the mod over time.

This ensures that we can take the development from the ground up, giving content to people to both test and play with the content we finish! Also, this opens up people to a lot of suggestions and changes we'd love to hear.

This mod will be some what accuracy based with a bit of freedom. This means that even though we'll have every ship that's available during the time period for example, we'll also be adding in ships from previous timelines and some ships that don't appear until future movies. This also includes content from EU sources and fan sources that fit well into the mod.

Publishes will be released faster or slower depending on what's being tackled in the mod. For example: Editing missions and dialogues is a lot easier than coding something completely new or editing the entire galaxy by scratch. So please be patient as we work our way to completing this mod!

Publish 1 will be released sometime this week or next week. In this publish, we will be releasing ships that players can buy and use a long with the base game's ships. Also, we have changed some dialogue, hails, and fleets to further fit the first publish into the game. Here is our starting line up so far:

JTL base ships

We're really excited to release our first publish and really hope you all enjoy the mod as much as we enjoy making it!

- Ctrl+Alt+Defeat (Saitama)

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