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I admit it, it took us quite some time, but what can we do, we're quality freaks. While not fully ready, the battle system is not open for testing, single map, 22 waves of enemies, ALL TOWERS and ABILITIES unlocked. Enjoy!

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Yes, it's true, after years of "promises" where here to check if after talking the talk we can also walk the walk.

We start "simple" beta-wise, this is not the full game, but it's a single battle map, with almost everything unlocked. It still has some roughness, potentially some small bugs, but all in all it should work. It doesn't have any of the 4X-management parts of the game, but those will come with the next step (as we are now polishing them up and fixing what doesn't satisfies us).
The rar file also contains a readme that might help you through shortcuts and a couple of strategic tips.

That said, here's where you get it.

We did wait until now in order to get the new UIs in. There are still some minor leftovers of the old ones, but overall, a few fixes aside, this look is very similar to the final look of the game we think.
Please, if you like Tower Defense and RTS, go for a wild ride, and let us know what you think of it. Here's some screens to show you what the game is about!

Screenshot 159

Screenshot 158

Screenshot 159

Screenshot 150

Screenshot 148



Hogan, Lead Dev

StellarAngel - - 546 comments

Downloading right now !

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DrHogan Author
DrHogan - - 79 comments

Ehehe looking forward to hear what you think of it mate!

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