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A quick info roundup for our first release. PSZ mod goes LIVE!

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...we promised you guys a release in 2015 and well... it's still 2015, right?

Please bear in mind that it's an ALPHA release, which means there's tons of stuff missing and that the stuff that IS present may need further polishing, not everything (or rather, nothing) might be final. Realistic expectations are a key to happiness and thus we suggest to take that approach

Current mod version is ALFA 05.663; and it's following release contains:

For the time being, PSZ: PAF mod REQUIRES CBA 2.0 or newer to work.


- wz.2010 Crye uniforms (completely new models, not just retextures), in both woodland and desert camo
- UKO-M vests in about 50 variants, including both camo's, light and heavy and headset versions
- Kontraktor vests in 2 variants in both camo's
- wz.2005 helmets in 12 variants, including different camo and ESS goggle's variants
- Boonie Hats in both woodland and desert camo
- Berets of different branches of the polish military
- 4 basic backpacks in both camo's [BIS retex, will be expanded later on]
- ESS Goggles in 3 different colour versions

- Eotech M552 close-combat optics
- PCS-5M Gabro ranged-combat optics with night vision (NV is not default, it's a built-in option)
- Leupold Mk-4 sniper optics

- wz.96A, wz.96B and wz.96C (aka wz.04) versions of Beryl rifles, including a wz.74 Pallad GL variant
- wz.96B and wz.96C (aka wz.04) versions of Mini-Beryl rifles
- extra variants of Beryl rifles with transparent plastic mags, in which you can see depleting ammo
- MSBS Radon, including both normal and handgrip versions (more versions to come)
- PKM light machine gun
- Alex sniper rifle
- Tor high-caliber anti-materiel sniper rifle
- RPG-7 anti-tank launcher
- Spike LR ATGM launcher (heavily WIP)
- GROM anti-air launcher
- P99 pistol [retextured BIS model]

- STAR 944 truck
- M96ik and M97 ┼╗bik recon vehicle


- PSZ Mod v05.663 @ ModDB
- PSZ Mod v05.663 @ VM Winter5
- PSZ Mod v05.663 @ FragOut Studio
- PSZ Mod v05.663 @ ArmAholic
- PSZ Mod v05.663 @ Goggle Drive
- PSZ Mod v05.663 @
- PSZ Mod v05.663 @ DropBox

Soon, we'll post info about the new patch and missions coming to town in January.

And on that occassion, happy new year everybody! Enjoy!

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