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Man, these civvies are getting heavy... polygon counts.

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Here is second beta release of PS2 Blue Shift mod. In this release you can expect some bug fixes, stability and performance improvements.
And in addition to that there is also a brand new version with HD models. If you ever wondered how would Blue Shift look like if it was included with original PS2 Half-Life release then this version should give you answer to that question.


1) Saves from previous builds ARE NOT WORKING because of major revamp of map names and files that are associated with save system! That is the price to make saves work on all maps.

2) Please, don't use saves from HD models version with SD models version and vice versa as it can cause some glitches!

3) Despite stability improvements it is still impossible to beat the game in one sitting.
You ABSOLUTELY NEED TO SAVE TO MEMORY CARD right BEFORE you enter the elevator with Dr. Rosenberg and RESTART PS2 console (emulator), otherwise you can experience frustrating CRASH on teleporter or first Xen maps.


- brand new HD models version;
- I figured out how LODs are working so HD models of Barney, Rosenberg, zombie and hgrunt have LODs to save some performance. I also tweaked it to be a little more aggressive.
- new save images;
- crosshairs are revamped: SD models version uses crosshairs from my PC Edition mod and HD models version uses recolored PS2 HL crosshairs;
- added credits to titles.txt file
- assembled missing Dr. Rosenberg models for both HD and SD version so he has constant appearance now;
- used world shotgun model from PC HD models pack in the armory, so these shotguns are properly oriented now;

Shotguns fix

- I added missing death animation for Mr. Cranky in the elevator. (I also tried to make scientists solid by spawning invisible G-Mans inside them but it was leading to the same elevator sequence glitch).
- I found and fixed bug in BS2PC that prevented it from properly counting frames in animated textures;

Animated textures fix

- I found out how *.EPC precache file works, so there should be a lot less stuttering related to loading of animation sequences;
- I had to use some HD models in SD models version to make it more stable;
- saves are now working on all maps. It turns out that map name should have 11 characters max. So to fix saves maps ba_security* and ba_teleporter* were renamed to ba_secur* and ba_tele*. In addition to that all neighbor maps were patched to be properly linked with renamed maps;
- I also reassembled some original PS2 HL models to make them work in PS2 Blue Shift. So Gordon, Gina, Dr. Rosenberg and soldiers are looking exactly like in PS2 HL/Decay;

HDMP Barney


HDMP Gordon1

HDMP Gordon2

HDMP Rosenberg

Known bugs:
- HUGE framerate drops
- Number of crashes is reduced, but it is still impossible to beat the game in one sitting
- Scientists inside elevator are non-solid (you can walk through them)
- Elevator can still drain some HP

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