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The first update to SMAR•CADE: Anarchy Edition is here, bringing many fixes and a couple new additions.

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The first update to the prototype is here, bringing many fixes and a couple new additions. A big thank you to all of the community for supporting Anarchy Arcade on Steam Greenlight. It is in the top 100 and gets closer to being distributed to the masses via Steam every day!

Re-bindable Mouse Controls

Many people did not like using their crummy old mouse to control SMAR•CADE. Now you can rebind all of the mouse controls to what ever you want in the options menu!

Joypad Support

Finally, you can walk around your arcades from the comfort of your couch. This initial joypad support lets you easily do many things from your controller, including launching games or even finding new YouTube videos to use as trailers; all without touching a keyboard/mouse!

All DLC Included

There has been a lot of DLC added since SMAR•CADE's initial release. Now all of that content is packed into the install as achievements. All you have to do is have a good time and you'll be unlocking new content left & right.

Advanced Video Options

Some users required extra control over SMAR•CADE's game window. Now there is a way to fine-tune how it is displayed! Just open the file "init_options.key" in your text editor and tweak it as you like! This is how you can enable your manual video resolution settings.

Spawn More Games

SMAR•CADE has been updated to work better when spawning PlayStation 1 through 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games. You can now properly spawn them from the Online Media Database as well.

Let There Be Light

Plenty of players asked for a flashlight, so now it is enabled by default. Just press F to illuminate your awesome stuff!

Steam Greenlight Top 100

Anarchy Arcade is cruising on up the Steam Greenlight Top 100, currently ranked in the 70's. Thanks to everybody who helped it get this far! Now's the time to put it on overdrive and really show Valve that Anarchy Arcade is something the players want to see on Steam. Tell your friends about the Greenlight and share some of your SMAR•CADE screenshots with them (F7 lets you easily upload to Facebook).

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