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The initial plan right now is to get the air and land units for the Germans and USA done first and then decide on whether to add naval units or to add the Soviets and Japanese.

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Proposed Unit List

Infantry - Both Sides
Rifle / Sub Machine Gun
Anti-Tank (Bazooka / Panzerschreck)
Heavy Machine Gun (Browning 30cal / Mg34 or 42)

German Land Units
T1 Scout - BMW R12 Motorcycle
T1 Light Tank - Panzer II
T1 Medium Tank - Panzer III
T1 SP Artillery - Sturmpanzer I Bison

T2 Medium Tank - Panzer IV
T2 Heavy Tank - Panzer VI
T2 SP Artillery - Wespe
T2 Tank Destroyer - StuG III

T3 Scout / Light Tank - Sd.Kfz 234/2 Puma
T3 Medium Tank - Panzer V Panther
T3 Heavy Tank - Panzer VI King Tiger
T3 SP Artillery - Sturmtiger
T3 Tank Destroyer - Jagdpanther
T3 SP AA - Flakpanzer IV Wirblewind

Exper Heavy Tank - Panzer VIII Maus
Exper Tank Destroyer - Jagdtiger
Exper Artillery - Morser Karl-Gerat

German Air Units

T1 Spy Plane - Fieseler Fi-156 Storch
T1 Fighter - Messerschmit Me-109
T1 Heavy Bomber - Heinkel He-111
T1 Attack Bomber - Junkers Ju-87 Stuka

T2 Fighter - Messerschmit Me-109
T2 Heavy Bomber - Heinkel He-177
T2 Attack Bomber - Junkers Ju-88
T2 Fighter-Bomber - Focke-Wulf Fw-190

T3 Spy Plane - Focke-Wulf Fw-200 Condor
T3 Fighter - Messerschmit Me-262
T3 Heavy Bomber - Arado Ar-234 Blitz
T3 Attack Bomber - Henschel Hs-129

Experimental Fighter
Experimental Heavy Bomber - Junkers Ju-287

Transport - Junkers Ju-87

USA Land Units

T1 Scout - Willys MB Jeep
T1 Light Tank - M5A1 Stuart
T1 Medium Tank - M3 Lee

T2 Medium Tank - M4A2 Sherman
T2 SP Artillery - M7 Priest
T2 Tank Destroyer - M10 Wolverine

T3 Scout / Light Tank - M8 Greyhound
T3 Medium Tank - M4A3E8(76)W Sherman
T3 Heavy Tank - M26 Pershing
T3 SP Artillery - T34 Calliope (Sherman with Rockets)
T3 Tank Destroyer - M36 Jackson
T3 SP AA - M19 GMC

Exper Heavy Tank - T29
Exper Artillery

USA Air Units

T1 Spy Plane - OS2U Kingfisher
T1 Fighter - P-40 Warhawk
T1 Heavy Bomber - B-17 Flying Fortress
T1 Attack Bomber - A20 Havoc

T2 Fighter - P-38 Lightning
T2 Heavy Bomber - B-24 Liberator
T2 Attack Bomber - B-25 Mitchell
T2 Fighter-Bomber - P-47 Thunderbolt

T3 Spy Plane - PBY Catalina
T3 Fighter - P-51 Mustang
T3 Heavy Bomber - B-29 Superfortress
T3 Attack Bomber - A-26 Invader

Exper Fighter - P-80 Shooting Star
Exper Heavy Bomber - B-29 Silverplate Atomic Bomber

Transport - C-47

scorch62-94 - - 242 comments

my friend, I hurt you! You
either do not know the
history of military
technology, or you put it out
for the appearance. Learn

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Alpha17 - - 222 comments

The star wars wiki? Oh and please try to incorporate infantry.

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Gamingroach - - 647 comments

A bit heavy for one man but a plan is a plan. Are you modding this alone? and Good luck though.

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scorch62-94 - - 242 comments

and here wiki star wars, he did not know the parameters of technology.
T1 Tank Destroyer - StuG III
T2 Tank Destroyer - Marder
T3 Tank Destroyer - Jagdpanther
What is it? where jagdtiger? Why marder stronger stug if shtug created later Marder?

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PapWR17 Author
PapWR17 - - 29 comments

I updated the unit list. I modified quite a bit of it. I removed some units that were not well represented, and that were not in the right spots. I also added the infantry that will be included.

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Battleship0003 - - 271 comments

I know what would make a grate Experimental Battleship for the USA the Montana class (it was authorized and construction was pending).

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