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The proof-of-concept is finished. Granted, literally nothing went to scedule, but at least, things are starting to go to plan. Hopefully, we can continue this withoug much more issue, but I don't have high hopes fot that. Granted, the past few months have been hard, but imma say this: I'm not dead(of course) and the mod's not dead (of course).

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The past few months can be summed up in just one word: pain. Granted, I (we) were prepared for some issues and the like, but for the duration of the past few months literally nothing ever went to scedule. It was a total nightmare trying to hard-code the fleet into the game, let alone the research.

Untill I found the tutorials, that is. After Scepton managed to sneak a few capital ships into the game and I managed to 'EMP-burn' the names into the string, finally, at least things started going to plan. By far.

After a series of setbacks and catastrophic failures, we decided to completely re-evaluate everything and start from a completely diffrent approach altogether. Most of the olden methods included rope-a-dopeing the ships into the game first, and doing everything else from there, but instead, Scepton proposed another method: He would tackle the ships himself, while I went about my merry day on the GameInfo.

Easier said then done, though. The GameInfo was a damn maze of codes that I barely could understand. In a nutshell, it was literally a giant blender of words. But once I got the hang of it (once I calmed down, I realized it was almost Funky Trees simplified bruh), things started rolling.

That's my end. On Scepton's end, I'll put his words in:

Running a jury-rigged variant of SoK ended up too time-intensive, and I looked to another solution. Which was what I eventually did.

Rather than rigging up the mod from scratch, I simply laid it onto the bones of another mod already in existence. I chose Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Sea of the Stars mostly because it ran on the Dev.exe with the least errors to pop-up, had the least amount of .entity files, and was game for testing. So I basically hijacked it. Replacing the meshes used for the game were trivial, but the main hard part--by far--was rigging.

It took me weeks fighting the Softimage Mod Tool to actually get it to work. Textures, meshpoints, freeze models, and edges...Trust me, to this day I still have no idea where is the freeze button located. I run the ships on XSI 7.5, the tutorials are rigged for XSI 6.0. At least, I have GUL's and ZombieRus5's tutorials to actually get somewhere, but it still took forever to actually make any progress. Untill I got the hang of it, that is. Once I brought the first three ships in, it went as a breeze.

Anyways, rant over. \/

Kongo-class battleship (hull symbol: BB)

Tosa-class battleship (hull symbol: BB)

Tokyo-class heavy cruiser (hull symbol: CA)

Kiev-class heavy carrier (hull symbol: CAV)

Kirov-class guided-missile battlecruiser (hull symbol: CGB)

Myoko-class battlecruiser (hull symbol: CB)

Nagato-class battleship (hull symbol: BB)

Akitsumaru-class assault ship (hull symbol: CVA)

Also, a postscript:

Although granted, this is coming from a devenloper on the mod team, so take this with a grain of salt.

Anyways though. See you next time. Goodbye!

LAST MINUTE EDIT: Here's a link to our Discord:


congrats on front page! the ships look really cool, y'all are doing some nice work here.

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