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I just dropped in to talk a bit about the upcoming trailer.

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This is a pretty exiting time for the team behind Project Vanishing Point. Soon our new trailer will be released and it will be the first ever to feature gameplay. With only a few days until the release of the trailer we are working hard to make sure it meets the expectations of the community. Here are a few things you can expect from the trailer:

First full-length version of our soundtrack.
A better look at the world where the mod takes place.
A first glimpse of the gameplay.

The Project Vanishing Point "Welcome to Voltora" trailer will release Wednesday March 2nd 12:00PM GMT

If you want to track the time of release in your timezone please check out this website:

We hope were going to get a lot of feedback on what we did right and wrong with the trailer when it releases.

Project Lead

Jike - - 177 comments

Doesn't this have it's own mod page? I've never heard of Project Vanishing Point. What is it? It sounds teasing, but it's hard to tell if it sounds interesting! ;)

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Madmanden Author
Madmanden - - 119 comments

It does have its own page. There is a link under related mods to the right side on this page or you can just go here

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Coconutdoobie - - 1,066 comments

Then why are you posting it here?

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Madmanden Author
Madmanden - - 119 comments

you mean on the half-life 2 page? This is posted directly on the mod page and then it is automatically linked to source and HL2 related stuff because its a mod to the game.

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BenLubar - - 50 comments

I believe the instructions specifically say to not link games to mod news posts. The boxes below the post should only have your mod selected when you're posting news.

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Madmanden Author
Madmanden - - 119 comments

No idea about that. But if it was wrong then it shouldnt have gotten approved by the moderators :)

EDIT: I just read the rules and it says that mods automatically gets linked to the games they are mods of.

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