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When the normal playthrough is not enough for you...

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Project S.P.H.E.R.E. officially gets a hard mode!

The new mode with the name "Dark Mode" will be unlocked after completing the last chapter in the first playthrough of the game.

It contains the same levels as in the normal mode (except the prologue), but there are some beastly changes: more spikes, less force points, deceptive portals, even more nasty magnets!

Even the first level contains almost impossible jumps if you think the normal mode isn't challanging enough.

Comparison [Normal Mode - Dark Mode]

An example: in one level, you have to choose the right portal to progress. In the dark mode, all the portals port you into death. You have to find a secret gap in the wall (it's hard to reach it and get through!) and take another way that didn't exist in normal mode.

Comparison [Normal Mode - Dark Mode]

[I personally have no plan how to beat this in the Android version of the game (with motion sensor it'll be even harder I guess)...]

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