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Fresh newsabout RULEs developing: modelling; inventory improvement.

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Hi, freinds!
The whole week passed, since we last met. RULE becomes better and better and today let's talk about it's development progress.

I'm still working hard on inventory: repair some bugs, improve the whole process of taking items etc. You can see it in the following video:

And yes, quick slots 1-3 are for right hand, and 4-6 - for left;)

And of course i've added some new models. Enjoy;)

Dry stick model (v 0.042)
Dry stick

Strawberry model (v 0.043)

Strawberry model (v 0.043)

That's it for now! I hope, you liked it!

And todays qestion is:
Should the roleplaying game be realistic: the hero can't carry 200kg in his bag or can learn perks/skills/stats just when level is up?
Leave your comments to make RULE better!


Main menu (v 0.043)
Main menu

That was all for today, hope you enjoyed it!
See you next sunday:)

Danaz - - 5 comments

I just found this gem, and i have blown away by the depth that you are planning for this game great job!

I really like my games realistic, so i find having storage as a extra concern to be an even more immersive part of any rpg. It would be cool to like create storage items where you could store items that you would'nt need to have on you always. That would also make a house more useful rather than having it just as an cosmetic.

good luck making the game.

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Cyfieithydd Author
Cyfieithydd - - 137 comments

100% agree сoncerning importance of the house, thanks:)

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shard123 - - 10 comments

Looks really interesting, I'm excited to see where you take this!

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TechAdvice - - 3 comments

I think realistic is good, since it creates a better challenge (ex. managing your inventory, etc....) I really love the new models and everything you've added since the last update I saw! :)

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Cyfieithydd Author
Cyfieithydd - - 137 comments

Thanks, the idea about inventory is really good:)

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