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A quick update of 2011's crazy year, announcing the return to work on Project Brazil.

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Back with a Vengeance This Christmas, 2011

Update Journal, December 25th, 2011


September 19, 2010, I woke up from a dream and went straight to my drafting table. That's not too peculiar - the first place I go every day is to my computer and pile of notebooks. But that day was different. That dream was suck it my head as if I had just gotten home from a journey. I wanted to go back there, and I wanted it to be real. So, for the next two months, I watched every youtube video and read every tutorial I could find about modifying the popular Fallout 3 game, and started building the place I saw in that dream one zone at a time... after a year, I'd built 30 interiors cells and two world spaces, witten over 100 pages of outlines & dialouge, and started 2 websites with a hundred screenshots each and released 3 videos.

This is the actual spot I had the dream about In GAME. It took 8 months to learn enough about the GECK to get to this point, and make the dream a reality. Epic work!

Venice Beach LOD Test and WIP

On November 4th, 2010, I stopped working on it, and vanished.

I am a cinematographer by trade. I operate and maintain cameras on film sets in Phoenix, Los Angeles, and wherever else I can find someone to pick me up. It's a big job, especially for a 23 year old with moderate college experience and a healthy distrust of the old 8hours of sleep adage. The reason I stopped in November was I got to work on Discovery Channel's Man Vs Wild - Season 6 Episode 1. That's a pretty big deal for a young camera op., so I picked up my gear and shut down this computer, and rushed off into the wilds of Southern Arizona.

As you can tell, doing this:

Isn't very conducive to doing this:

After two weeks in the wilderness, chasing Bear Grylls and his crew of ex-Royal Marines & RAF officers up mountains, I realized that my body just wasn't used to that stuff anymore. I had spent WAY too much time on computers working in Project Brazil to keep my body up to speed on the rigors of hucking 60lbs of gear in the wilderness! When I got home, the girl I loved more than anything left me and then my dad nearly died. I had a new photography & video studio to build and new camera gear to buy and learn. Plus, I had to start training my body to deal with living on the move. So, I saved Brazil, told JCDenton, Stevee & Ian to relax, and then went on to deal with my life.

This year, I've worked on everything from Meat & Potatoes, Millionaire Matchmaker, Extreme Coupon, 16 and Pregnant, SWS Raceways Pilot, EXWLive TV, and a host of other reality TV stuff. I've also shot two feature films, a student film, the Tekken 2012 test shoot, our own feature film Coffee, a few popular youtube videos and just started Pre-Production on The Moroi Diaries with Pearry Teo & Chad Ward. It's been a busy year!

On top of all that, I've been working on the first year of Radian-Helix Media being in business, dealing with conspiracy theorists, shooting modelling photography and jewellery products, as well as getting ready to finish our feature film NEM Gate. If you like Science Fiction and pretty girls, you'll love our facebook fan page! Check the bottom of this article to like us!

I think now I've got my life on track, found a place where I can balance all I need to do and still work on Project Brazil! The Next note will outline my plans for Brazil and what I intend to do with it. Expect it this week!

Stay tuned and check back here for updates!

Brandan Lee Pittman

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blu_magic101 - - 178 comments

good luck

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adfjkndjklnhdfs - - 820 comments

Welcome Back!

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LOTRuler - - 1,497 comments

Awesome good luck guys!

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nyceez - - 243 comments

thats great what u doing and i wish you can find the time to work on this mod, because this mod is rocking by the images. good luck on everything else. happy xmas

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unbeknowenst503 - - 169 comments

its about damned time id say xD

cant wait

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